A busy day…

Ran an errand – boy is it really windy outside!  I’ve had to prop my tomato pot up since it keeps dumping over from the wind gusts.  Did a bit of cleaning and just finished off the Dog Pound Pals Block Collection so I can get it emailed off to EQ Boutique.  Here’s the whole pound!


so the better part of the afternoon has been spent getting these all finished but I also, as a gift for myself, bought Spring Stash 2012 to add into EQ so I’ve been going through looking at all the lovely new fabrics now loaded.    They had it on sale along with a hugely reduced price on Fall 2011 Stash if you bought it at the same time – practically less than my morning latte costs.  So I got Fall 2011 Stash also to use as a giveaway – so one of these days will be having a give away for EQ users of Fall Stash (over 6,000 fabrics on it!) so stay tuned.

Spring Stash has some really lovely fabrics – I generally never really color in quilts with the fabrics I intend to use (mostly since I’ve never updated the Stash files) but look more for a style or texture I like since it’s had for me to color things in with just solid colors – I love texture –  and when shopping look for something similar to the look I got rather than a specfic fabric.  But the old fabrics in EQ were getting a bit boring so now I’ll have thousands of new ones to play with!  Which could be a very bad thing since there were quite a few I thought would really look nice added to my real live fabric stash! 😉


Yep – I’m on vacation now until next week Wednesday.  Time to play in my sewing room, knit, or just sit out on the patio (and sew or knit) sipping my coffee.   Then there’s those things like pulling out the warmer weather clothes which I  haven’t done yet.  I’ve got a pattern or two to finalize for EQ Boutique, and block patterns to write up for Christmas Town Sampler – a Collaboration Among Friends  and I may work on getting more of the blocks stitched up for that project (do you have your fabrics ready to join in on CTS?)  So lots of things to keep me busy.

Today’s agenda – I haven’t really decided yet.  I need to run an errand so I may just get that out of the way.  I was digging through yarn  the other night looking for something and have that spread all over so may fill those under the bed storage containers with the yarn and get it organized and there’s my May UFO project layered and ready to quilt.

Speaking of yarn…. 🙂  there was a yarn I have been watching on a website that I just loved but didn’t want to pay the full price for.  It’s been there for ages and I look at it every time I go to that website and perserverence finally paid off –  on sale since it is being discontinued.

Aren’t the colors gorgeous in this. I just love them.  It’s 50% silk and 50% Merino and it feels so absolutely incredibly soft.  There’s 675 yards on that hank so I think it will be used for a cowl / mobius — it will feel so soft and warm around my neck.  Now I just have to figure out what pattern to use.  Any suggestions? 

Stasbusting 5/20/12

Well still not moving by leaps and bounds by 2.5 yards were used for a backing yesterday so at least there’s some progress.  I did buy a few 1/3 yards for the Bloomin’ Basket swap but I’ll wait to add those in next week since I also ordered some florals for those on line which should arrive this week so I’ll total all at once.

So without those the totals are purchased YTD 31 yards,  used YTD 41.25 so a net busted of 10.25.  Not huge but  vacation is coming and I hope to get in a lot of quality sewing time!

 I finally did get the sewing table cleared off yesterday and got Pinwheel Poseys pin basted so I can start quilting on it.  It’s my May UFO project and May is dwindling down.

Today it was off to breakfast with a friend a new restaurant – The Egg and I – the food was fantastic so we’ll be returning there in the future.  Then to the Nursery across the road for some flowers.  It’s too warm out on the patio right now and the breeze is not making it to that side of the building so I’ll plant these later this evening or one evening this week.  But aren’t they pretty.

And then to Home Depot for dirty and a couple of other things.  I had broken my under the bed storage container and found these

So many containers to choose from but these are great. They are on wheels so easy to slide in and out and the lid is hinged in the middle so you don’t have to pull the whole thing out in order to get the lid open.  Perfect.  With storage space at a premium here – these will be great.   And found a new mat for outside the door.  Wouldn’t this look good as a wallhanging done in appllique!  I may have to get out some freezer paper and trace the design before it gets dirty.

What’s his name???


I ended up coming up with a few more dog blocks so am still adding to the Dog Pound Pals.   This pooch – well he needs a name.   He does kind of remind me of a friend’s dog so I may name him after that dog but what do you think his name should be?

As for the other new dogs who have joined the Dog Pound Pals,  



Bloomin’ Baskets Swap fabrics

Stopped at the local quilt shop to search for some fabrics for the Bloomin’ Baskets block swap and found some great ones.

A bunch of great florals (I love that one on the far right – such bright cheery colors)  and the brown is a tone on tone that will look great for the basket fabric.  There is still plenty of time to sign up for the swap if you want to join us.  All info is found at the button in the sidebar.

If you’ve already signed up for the swap, I emailed the paper piecing pattern to you tonight so check your email for it.  Since we have more than double the minimum number of swappers, I decided to send it out early so you can get started whenever you are ready over the summer.

I’m Ready For Camp

Camp Loopy that is…. 🙂

 The yarn for my first Camp Loopy project arrived today.  I just need to get the black wound, find the Spectra scarf pattern and find some needles and I’ll be set to start at the end of the month when Camp Loopy commences.

And check out the suprise goodie that was included in the package — a Camp Loopy pin with this year’s camp logo on it.  Too cute.

Mother’s Day Quiltmaker 100 Blocks winner

And the lucky winner is……………

1 Random Numbers
35Specs: This table of 1 random numbers was produced according to the following specifications: Numbers were randomly selected from within the range of 0 to 40. Duplicate numbers were not allowed. This table was generated on 5/13/2012.

Dolly C — you are lucky commenter number 35 in the list so the issue wil be coming your way.  Please email me (justquiltin@peoplepc.com) your maiing address.

Also good news for those that have signed up for the Bloomin’ Basket swap so far.  Between the TQP list and the blog readers who signed up, we have surpassed the minimum number of swappers necessary for the swap to go forward! Yeah!!!



Bloomin Basket Block Swap

Updated 8/28/2012 – DO NOT mail your swap package to me with any delivery signature requirement – no signature upon delivery, no return reciept, not certified, etc. – you get the idea.   

 Swap packages are starting to arrive – I haven’t opened any of them yet, I’d be oohing and aahing over blocks and  I still need to get the rest of my own blocks finished.  Below is the list of packages I have received so far.  I’ll update it every other day or so  – so if you have mailed a package and it doesn’t show up here yet, check back in a day or two. 

So far I have received packages from: (list below updated 9/13/12)

Vida in Van Couver, WA   /    MiMi in Holden, ME   / Michele in Stonington, CT  /  Nancy in Surprise, AZ   /  Dana in New Iberia, LA  / Bettie in Tutwiler, MS /  Sue in Sandwich, IL  / Gladys in Colonial Heights, VA  / Martin in Springfield, OH  / Terry in Canada  / Heidi in Ferndale, WA  / Janet in Beatrice, NE /  Karen in Boise, ID  /  Peggy in Valley Center, KS  / Ruth in Logwood, FL / Jo Anne in Hebron, MD / Scarlett in Novinger, MO / Deli Marbun in Indonesia / Edie in Medicine Hat AB Canada


Interested in a block swap?  I’m hosting a block swap on The Quilting Post and if any blog readers want to join in, the more the merrier.  We’ll be swapping Bloomin Basket blocks – they are paper pieced and very easy to do especially since there are no separate sections to join together – it’s paper pieced all as one section.

   You can find all the swap rules HERE  If, after reading them you want to sign up, just email me your name, email address, and guestimate at now many blocks you think you will make since you don’t have access to our database.  I’ll add you to my list of swappers and let you know on June 1, or the next day or two, if we have met our minimum number of swappers and if so, at that time I will email you the pattern pdf to use for the blocks.  To sign up — emai me at justquiltin@peoplepc.com.

Please sign up only if you truly plan to follow through with the swap — the last swap I opened up to include blog readers also – nearly all the bloggers didn’t send in any blocks or let me know they were dropping out.  You can’t have a good swap if there’s no commitment to follow through and you lose a number of participants.  🙂  And I love all the variety of blocks you can get from a good swap!