Camp Loopy – progress

  Yes it’s a Camp Loopy Progress report.  I’ve been knitting like a mad woman on my scarf – not because I’m afraid I won’t get it done in time but because it’s fun to work on and I absolutely LOVE how it’s turning out in the yarns I’m using.

(and yes I had to post the Camp Loopy button image again cause it just makes me smile to see a sheep in socks roasting marshmallows!) 🙂

   When I got to the second area where there’s a lot of gray shades, I did break the yarn, take out some of the gray, and restart farther towards the end of the gray because I wanted to get  back to more brighter colors.  I’m already wondering what might be ahead for the next Camp Loopy project but will have to wait till the end of the month to find out.



And if that wasn’t enough knitting – that purple and multicolored sock yarn I posted a photo  of a couple days ago — well I’ve been knitting on those socks on the bus ride to and from work the last couple days and here’s where I am on those — I like the way this yarn is knitting up.

UFO Challenge ran amuck

Some how I managed to run amuck with my UFO challenge projects.  I was way behind – but I’ve caught up a bit finishing a couple when I was recently on vacation.  But today Judy posted the number of the project we should be working on in June — lucky number 12.  But the thing is I already finished lucky number 12. LOL

I think I mess up in March and instead of doing number 10 – which was the March project – I remembered it wrong when I went to start working on it and actually pulled number 12 (well at least I pulled one that was a two digit number starting with 1 — close right??) LOL

So here’s where things currently stand:

January was #5 – Frozen Delights  – It’s finished (see before and after photo below)

I added the final border and then quilted and bound it.

February was #1  –  the Texas Hill Country quilt. — Needs to be quilted and I haven’t started on it yet.

Then March was number 8 – Just Butterflies.


I added the outer border

and quilted it.  The binding is sewn on the edge but it hasn’t been pinned to the back or hand stitched yet.  That will get done one of these evenings.

April – #10 – Prairie flowers — this is where I messed up on my number so nothing has been done yet.  I still want to find the right fabric to add a final border on this one.

    May was Pinwheel Posy — It just needed to be quilted and I did that in the last week or so too so that one is quilted and bound and done!

And then there’s number 12 for June – Wacky Hearts – which I quilted a couple weeks ago and got the binding done so it’s already finished.  So now I’ll have to go back and work on the Texas quilt – but need to restock the batting supply first since there’s only smaller pieces left — and take Prairie Flowers to the quilt shop to see if I can find some border fabric for it.