Just Butterflies

is now quilted, the green stripe binding is attached  but not pinned to the back yet.

 So just the pinning and the hand stitching left to do.  That will be three tops out of the top stash and finsihed for the donation pile in as many days.  Too bad I can’t keep up that pace all the time. LOL

Ran an errand, made some choc. chip cookies and a bowl of cold tuna pasta salad so I have something for lunch tomorrow.

Made quite a bit more progress on my Camp Loopy scarf which  is looking lovely but I haven’t taken a new photo of it yet.

Also need to start a new pair of socks but can’t decide what pattern I want to use.  But I did find these two yarns laying side by side in one of the plastic tubs.  They look like I specifically bought them to go together but I don’t think that was case.  But I think I will be making some socks with the solid color for the heels and toes.

  But time to go relax for a while with a latte and flip through a few sock book patterns to see if I want to try a new pattern or use some tried and true pattern I know I like.

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