Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day.  I was just thinking this morning how much I used to hate Memorial Day.  Why?  Because I was in the grade school and high school band — that itself wasn’t the problem but on Memorial Day we would visit the cemeteries for the memorial programs and the band would play — five or six little towns — but the many stops wasn’t the problem either.  However, the WOOL band uniforms in May WAS a problem.  It never failed to either rain on us (not great when in a wool uniform) or get really hot.  Goodness I hated those summer events when the band would play or be in a parade. LOL

The design at left is one I’m still playing with – Twisted Star – it’s sort of a spin off (no pun intended) of my Pinwheel Posey design.

Yesterday as another busy quilting day.  I completed the quilting on the western themed fabric lap quilt, made the binding and added that.  I still have to hand stitch the binding down but here’s what it looks like (it actually is a square quilt but I had to stick two pins in the upper corners to get it to stay on the design wall so it looks off kilter).

Yes – there are a whole lot of western and Texas themed fabrics in that quilt  — way more scrappy looking than I usually do but I wanted to use all those fat quarters  we swapped together.  It will be a donation quilt for a charity when it’s done.

Center part is just meandered with stars and loops.

I’ll save the binding to stitch one of these nights so think today I’ll pull about another one to get layered and ready to quilt.

I may also need to do a little bit of baking today – my freezer seems to be overrun again by bananas —  banana bread, cake, muffins – don’t know what it will be yet but need to get some  of those bananas made into something.

I also managed to finally finish off another pair of socks last night.

  I was looking for the sock blockers to put them on to take the photo but the sock blockers – which are always laying around somewhere other than they belong — seem to be no where at all.  I must have “put them away” somewhere safe but for the life of me I haven’t been able to find them yet.  They’ll turn up one of these days but you’d think that since they are big and red they wouldn’t be able to disappear! LOL   This is pair of socks  number 11 of my 12 in 2012 challenge!  Hmmmm… maybe I need to change it to 20 in 2012. 😉

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  1. I love your blue socks. I wish I could make such lovely socks. I’ve tried knitting a few times. I crochet, but can’t get the socks right. And being from Texas, I love your western quilt. I have some western fabric tucked away for when I get a round tuit. And of course I like the twister pattern. Another one on my to do list. I played in the band, too. But in Texas, we don’t wear wool uniforms. lol Hugs, Dian

  2. Nice color way on the Twisted Star quilt, Denise. I’ve had a lot of stuff put “somewhere safe”, never to be seen again. Must be a common place for all of us!

    • LOL – the funny thing was I was sitting here later and glanced at the bottom shelf of the tv stand — I had actually looked there but they slid over farther and from where I was sitting I could see the bright red sticking which has to be those missing sock blockers. 😉 I got a disk of new “stash”for EQ and those fabrics were one of the new ones that comes out this spring – can’t remember who makes it but up close the fabrics are really pretty – called Glory Garden or something like that.

  3. Love your quilts. Your work is so nice. I laughed at your band uniform story. My son quit the band for the same reason. He hated wearing those uniforms. I also know how you feel about losing your sock blockers. I think we should all have a drawer marked “somewhere safe” so we can find all those crazy things we want to secure for some future time.

  4. Love the quilt! All the Western themed fabrics are great…and the design shows them off well. I, too, was in band and planed in Memorial Day parades. There was always at least one person who passed out from the heat and the wool uniforms. My goal is 2 socks in 2012! Yours are great..and your feet must be really happy with all the handknit sock options!!

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