Today’s Quilting Project

  Here’s a corner of the quit top I pulled out of the crate to work on today.  This is just a largish lap quilt size that will be a charitable donation quilt.  It is made from fabrics that were swapped while attending a Romp in Texas Hill Country – a TQP retreat at the T Bar M Ranch, New Braunfels, Texas.  One of the swapw we did there was a fat quarter swap of Texas and western themed fabrics so I cut them up to make this scrappy quilt.  I pulled together a couple pieces of blue fabrics to make the backing – one being the horeshoe and flower print used in the quilt blocks – and pieced a backing for it and got it layered this morning. 

I’ve now got about a quarter of the center of the top quilted and the gold border stitched in the ditch.  The center is just quilted with meandering loops and stars in a gold thread.  Hmmm… can I get this one all quilted and binding attached so I can hand stitch on it tonight?  Maybe, I don’t know for certain…. but I do know for certain that it’s way past lunch time and I’m hungry so time for a break!

7 comments on “Today’s Quilting Project

  1. I love that quilt, love the Western fabrics. You accomplish so much I can’t believe it. I knit and would love to know an easy sock pattern if you have one you could recommend. Right now I’m crocheting a scarf, I’m a beginner. Keep inspiring me

    • I think the original sock pattern I learned with was called family socks or something like that — it’s a Knitting Pure & Simple sock pattern and came from Simply Socks website. But any plain stockinette stitch sock pattern will do to learn with – they are all pretty much the same. Lots of free ones on Ravelry.

  2. I was FINALLY able to pick up a copy of the 100 blocks Magazine yesterday after hunting high & low for it in every B&N, quilt shop, grocery store and every other possible outlet I could think of in the greater Phoenix area! I found it at the Luke AFB exchange, hidden behind photography magazines (definitely hidden as that section was on the opposite end of the 30 foot magazine display area!).

    • Seriously? I live in Mesa and I had no trouble finding it. I just picked it up when I did my grocery shopping at a Fry’s in Tempe last week. Lots of interesting blocks.

      • yes in some places it’s difficult to find if you don’t want to order it on line. It was in my grocery store one day – gone the next. The book stores were sold out of it right away too. I had a friend looking in another state and her LQS and book stores sold out of it the first day it was available.

    • Perserverance paid off! Glad you were able to find it – so many terrific blocks in it.

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