And a follow up on “this and that”…

Although I didn’t take a photo  of it – the sock I posted yesterday that I was ready to turn the heel on ….. the heel is turned, the decreases all done, and I’m on what I consider the “straightaway”  the main part of the foot which just plain old knitting  until I get to the toe decreases.  I love it when I get to that point, you know you in the home stretch.

I should easily get this pair finished before the end of the month but tonight (well actually tomorrow at 12:01 a.m.) is the official start of Camp Loopy and we can start on our first project.  You KNOW I will be up knitting at that time and probably straight on through the late late late movie and into the morning news! 🙂  I usually stay up till midnight on week nights but on the weekends – and especially since I’m on vacation – I stay up much later. I’m really anxious to see how the yarn I got works for the wedges in the Spectra scarf.

The Pinwheel Posey quilt I posted a photo of yesterday …. that two has made great progress.  The quilting is finished, the binding is attached and I’ve got it probably half hand stitched down this afternoon.  So I’ll get that finished off tonight I think.  Here it is with the binding pinned on and just kind of stuck to the design wall — the weight of it meant I had to snap a quick photo before it decided to fall off the wall.

  Tomorrow I’ll decide what will get layered to quilt next.  Plenty to choose from.