Yep – I’m on vacation now until next week Wednesday.  Time to play in my sewing room, knit, or just sit out on the patio (and sew or knit) sipping my coffee.   Then there’s those things like pulling out the warmer weather clothes which I  haven’t done yet.  I’ve got a pattern or two to finalize for EQ Boutique, and block patterns to write up for Christmas Town Sampler – a Collaboration Among Friends  and I may work on getting more of the blocks stitched up for that project (do you have your fabrics ready to join in on CTS?)  So lots of things to keep me busy.

Today’s agenda – I haven’t really decided yet.  I need to run an errand so I may just get that out of the way.  I was digging through yarn  the other night looking for something and have that spread all over so may fill those under the bed storage containers with the yarn and get it organized and there’s my May UFO project layered and ready to quilt.

Speaking of yarn…. 🙂  there was a yarn I have been watching on a website that I just loved but didn’t want to pay the full price for.  It’s been there for ages and I look at it every time I go to that website and perserverence finally paid off –  on sale since it is being discontinued.

Aren’t the colors gorgeous in this. I just love them.  It’s 50% silk and 50% Merino and it feels so absolutely incredibly soft.  There’s 675 yards on that hank so I think it will be used for a cowl / mobius — it will feel so soft and warm around my neck.  Now I just have to figure out what pattern to use.  Any suggestions? 


7 comments on “Vacation!!!

  1. What LUSCIOUS color in that hank of yarn! Makes me wish I was still into knitting.

  2. You are correct…that is the most beautiful yarn 🙂 Good luck with the pattern thing….I think it;s one of those times I would be afraid to use it!!! LOL

    • Oh but what would be the fun of having it just sitting there. LOL It’s meant be used and worn and loved. But I’ll definitely have a hard time figuring out what pattern to use it for! 😉

  3. I just ordered Knitting by Nature from Martingale. It has some lovely scarves and wraps.

  4. Enjoy your vacation, think of us in Montana while we get snow! yes SNOW BUT Summer is coming on the 20th OR is IT?! yicks you take care love the colors of the yarn truly pretty, Cheers angeljeanne (jeanne)

    • I don’t envy your snow – I’ve really enjoyed our wierdly mild winter and the early spring and summer weather here. Doesn’t happen often and it may mean an exceptionally hot and humid summer but for now it’s just lovely — through extremely windy out there today.

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