A busy day…

Ran an errand – boy is it really windy outside!  I’ve had to prop my tomato pot up since it keeps dumping over from the wind gusts.  Did a bit of cleaning and just finished off the Dog Pound Pals Block Collection so I can get it emailed off to EQ Boutique.  Here’s the whole pound!


so the better part of the afternoon has been spent getting these all finished but I also, as a gift for myself, bought Spring Stash 2012 to add into EQ so I’ve been going through looking at all the lovely new fabrics now loaded.    They had it on sale along with a hugely reduced price on Fall 2011 Stash if you bought it at the same time – practically less than my morning latte costs.  So I got Fall 2011 Stash also to use as a giveaway – so one of these days will be having a give away for EQ users of Fall Stash (over 6,000 fabrics on it!) so stay tuned.

Spring Stash has some really lovely fabrics – I generally never really color in quilts with the fabrics I intend to use (mostly since I’ve never updated the Stash files) but look more for a style or texture I like since it’s had for me to color things in with just solid colors – I love texture –  and when shopping look for something similar to the look I got rather than a specfic fabric.  But the old fabrics in EQ were getting a bit boring so now I’ll have thousands of new ones to play with!  Which could be a very bad thing since there were quite a few I thought would really look nice added to my real live fabric stash! 😉


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  1. Well, too early to actually buy Dog Pound/Pet Shop, I see–still, reminded me to tell DH about Granny’s Pantry! (Love it!)

    • Thanks! Yep – Dog Pound Pals won’t be available on EQ Boutique for a while yet but I’ll post on the blog when it is.

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