Stasbusting 5/20/12

Well still not moving by leaps and bounds by 2.5 yards were used for a backing yesterday so at least there’s some progress.  I did buy a few 1/3 yards for the Bloomin’ Basket swap but I’ll wait to add those in next week since I also ordered some florals for those on line which should arrive this week so I’ll total all at once.

So without those the totals are purchased YTD 31 yards,  used YTD 41.25 so a net busted of 10.25.  Not huge but  vacation is coming and I hope to get in a lot of quality sewing time!

 I finally did get the sewing table cleared off yesterday and got Pinwheel Poseys pin basted so I can start quilting on it.  It’s my May UFO project and May is dwindling down.

Today it was off to breakfast with a friend a new restaurant – The Egg and I – the food was fantastic so we’ll be returning there in the future.  Then to the Nursery across the road for some flowers.  It’s too warm out on the patio right now and the breeze is not making it to that side of the building so I’ll plant these later this evening or one evening this week.  But aren’t they pretty.

And then to Home Depot for dirty and a couple of other things.  I had broken my under the bed storage container and found these

So many containers to choose from but these are great. They are on wheels so easy to slide in and out and the lid is hinged in the middle so you don’t have to pull the whole thing out in order to get the lid open.  Perfect.  With storage space at a premium here – these will be great.   And found a new mat for outside the door.  Wouldn’t this look good as a wallhanging done in appllique!  I may have to get out some freezer paper and trace the design before it gets dirty.