What’s his name???


I ended up coming up with a few more dog blocks so am still adding to the Dog Pound Pals.   This pooch – well he needs a name.   He does kind of remind me of a friend’s dog so I may name him after that dog but what do you think his name should be?

As for the other new dogs who have joined the Dog Pound Pals,  




20 comments on “What’s his name???

  1. He looks like my sister’s dog Wylie P T…, who when he wags his tail it goes round & round so I nicknamed him propeller tail. She name him Wylie because it means waterer of the meadow which as a puppy was very appropriate for his behavior when petted.

  2. He looks like the quiet, intelligent type to me. I’d give him a noble name like Frank or Floyd or a more playful Charlie

  3. Toby, my dog he resembles is named “Sir Toby Knight of the Road” can you tell he is a truckin dog??LOL anyway I vote for Toby…but the other suggestions are good also! You have a tough job here, my dear …Good Luck 🙂

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