Bloomin’ Baskets

I did finally get to a litle sewing today – not a lot – but a little.  I was testing out the pattern for a block swap on The Quilting Post so puttered with that and the swap rules a bit but I did get two blocks stitched up.

  I love the “flowers” in the purple basket (it’s really purple even tho it looks more blue in the photo).  It’s part of a border stripe and mixed in with the lilacs and leaves are little monarch butterflies.  The wicker looking basket — that fabric has been used in so many diffferent projects where I wanted a basket or wicker look.  It’s been in the stash forever and I’m down to only about a fat quarter of it left but I’ve gotten a lot of use out of that fabric.

I don’t use a lot of floral prints – very few in fact – so one of these days I’m going to have to gather some fat quarters at the quilt shop.  There’s so many realistic looking floral prints that I think I’ll have fun picking out the ones I want to use for my baskets.

After some cleaning (not a lot but “some”), running an errand or two, puttering on the computer for a while, going for a walk (it turned out to be a lovely, although a bit cool, day), I don’t seem to have accomplished a great deal but I’ve had a good time and its already 8:30 and I haven’t gotten around to making dinner!


Yarny things

Judy left a comment asking me to show the back of the Spectra scarf because she’s never done two-color work.  So here it is.

 This would be a great project if you’ve never done two-color work because you don’t have to carry the yarn along the back across the whole width.  The top of the picture is the neck edge of the scarf.  If you look at the bottom of the scarf, right above the blue border, you will see sort of what looks like a running stitch  along  the edge — that’s where my yarn is carried.  You aren’t carrying it up and down each row.   Because the wedge (pink in my case) is done with short rows, you don’t also carry the yarn along the top.    It’s a little wierd to explain but the pattern is super easy to follow and all you do when you need to switch from the blue to the pink yarn is drop the blue end and pick up the pink so the blue is laying over the top of it — easy peasy and the directions explain it very well.

So Judy – not only would this be a great starter two color project but it would ALSO be a perfect project for the first  CAMP LOOPY project! 😉  After I think the second completed wedge, I had the entire pattern memorized and haven’t had to look at it again.

And as for other yarny things….. last night I finally finished off the pair of socks made from the Skein yarn — lovely and soft and the Nine to Five pattern.  Ten pairs done!

So now to find something to sew on so just maybe there’s something to report on the stashbusting report tomorrow. 🙂


  The finished pair (blue)  in the second photo were ones I finished a while ago but hadn’t finished weaving the toes and ends in so those are now all set to wear when the cold weather strikes again (which I hope is many many months off) and the other blue/greeny pair — I started on the second sock last night and you can see I made some good progress.