Where did I go wrong

As for the stashbusting report — well I haven’t looked to see what the numbers are but even with the yard I used making some binding this week, it’s still under 20 yards busted due to the recent purchases for the BOM so not worth looking to see exactly what it is at this point. ūüėČ

As for where I went wrong — I woke up very early and decided¬† I’d knit for a while and then head into the sewing room.¬†¬† That was all fine – until I went in the sewing room and was searching through some CDs looking for a specific EQ design.¬† The disks are labeled well as to what’s on them and the individual EQ files may not necessarily be named anything helpful either.¬† So it was a lot of opening EQ files – not finding what I wanted – and moving on to the next file.¬† However, there were a couple files (well more than a couple) where I felt compelled to tweak on them a bit to see what I would come up with.¬† It’s now after 5 p.m., I’ve not sewn a stitch, but I guess I have had¬† fun thunderstormy afternoon playing in EQ.¬† There was thunder, there was lightening, here was pouring rain, there was hail, then it would stop and a half hour later so so start the sequence all over again.

Here’s a few of the designs I was playing with — there’s still some tweaking to be done to see if it’s really something I want to make since all designs definitely do not make it to being an actual quilt.¬†But these are a little farther along until the next time I decide to do a bit more tweaking on them.

The first two are the same Рjust colored in differently.

I can stare at these forever in EQ and it’s not until I change it to a photo image that I can see places I don’t have colored the way I want yet – happens every time – but those can be changes for another day.

The last one is just a tumbling block design – I love the palm leaf block.¬† Despite the fact that I don’t care much for paper piecing – I might be able to make my way though a few palm leaf blocks.


On another note – tho quitling relating – I’m approaching the 1,000th blog post soon.¬† Since I found¬† the other extra copy of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Issue 5 (the “orange” copy now at newsstands/magazine racks) ūüôā

the extra issue that I thought I had lost, I will be doing the random number generator thing to pick a winner from among whomever has left a comment on the 1,000 blog post.