April’s 12 in 2012 Sock Challenge Update

I forgot to post at the end of April with an update for the sock challenge.  Too many things going on — or maybe cause I don’t have a finished “pair” to show you! 😦

While I didn’t get a “pair” of socks done in April, I did get one new sock made which just needs the toe woven, and am working on another sock (not the mate to the new one but a mate to a different pair) which I’m just about ready to start the heel on.

Good thing I’m ahead of schedule with nine pairs of socks done in  four months!  Part of it was also that I was stopping and ripping out several different socks due to not liking the yarn in a particular pattern or wanting to change the needle size.  Also the Spectra scarf I’m making has taken some of the otherwise sock kntting time.  So I’ll show you how that’s coming along since I don’t have any new socks to show yet.

  As you can see the colors are sloooowly changing shade on this one — but much like most of the sock knitting this one is a great take along project (at least now that it’s not real long) because it’s such a simple pattern to memorize.

These also arrived this week — it’s Malabrigo Finito.  It’s only made once a year and is supposed to be the softest wool.  It does feel incredibly wonderful and I love the colors – can’t wait to see them knit up tho I may have to see if I have enough of one of those to make a cowl since it would feel so lovely against your neck.  These are smaller hanks so it takes two of them to make a pair of socks.

So Sock challengees — did you finish any socks this month — or at least make progress on some?



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  1. I got to the end of a kid’s pair and they didn’t fit. Torn about whether to donate or frog, I finally frogged the other day. I’d also started my Hermione socks in April, but those were too big so I frogged and re-knit. I hope they’ll all be May finishes! I’m starting to see the value of knitting UFOs. 😉

  2. My sock reporting is worse than your stash reporting. LOL After restarting for the ninth time I am about a third done with the first sock. I just finished an afghan for a graduation present so was late starting but I have bought piles of yarn and patterns so am hoping to catch up a little. I doubt I make the 12 pairs in a year, but at least I am trying something that I swore I would never do–knit socks.

  3. I love that scarf Denise. I kniow what you mean about finding sock knitting time. I am finding it hard to make time for other projects. It seems to work out that I start the socks in the first week of the month and get them done in 10 to 14 days. I hope I can keep this up until the end of the year.

    April socks are finished.
    Here’s the link: http://chillyknits.blogspot.ca/2012/04/april-socks.html

    At the beginning of April, I got organized and put a pattern and the yarn needed in 9 bags, one for each month. I discovered that I didn’t have as much sock yarn as I thought. I had to go yarn shopping to fill the bags. That’s my excuse ( not that I really need one) and I am sticking to it!!

    Now to go pull out a bag for May.

  4. Not quite finished April socks – toes need grafting- maybe this evening. Started May socks almost at heel – goal this month is to work on a summer sweater & get the socks finished. Love the colours you’ve chosen for Spectra Denise!

  5. No progress on socks, been working on a ‘poncho’ that will be a shawl instead. I get about 15 minutes of knitting time in a night (enough for about 4-5 rows) for some mental cooldown time. Not much progress but I’m getting there.
    Working on finishing quilt tops this weekend so I can take them home when I go back this weekend and bring back more material to play/create with in my spare time.

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