April’s 12 in 2012 Sock Challenge Update

I forgot to post at the end of April with an update for the sock challenge.¬† Too many things going on — or maybe cause I don’t have a finished “pair” to show you! ūüė¶

While I didn’t get a “pair” of socks done in April, I did get one new sock made which just needs the toe woven, and am working on another sock (not the mate to the new one but a mate to a different pair) which I’m just about ready to start the heel on.

Good thing I’m ahead of schedule with nine pairs of socks done in¬† four months!¬† Part of it was also that I was stopping and ripping out several different socks due to not liking the yarn in a particular pattern or wanting to change the needle size.¬† Also the Spectra scarf I’m making has taken some of the otherwise sock kntting time.¬† So I’ll show you how that’s coming along since I don’t have any new socks to show yet.

¬† As you can see the colors are sloooowly changing¬†shade on this one —¬†but much like most of the sock knitting this one is a great take along project (at least now that it’s not real long) because it’s such a simple¬†pattern to memorize.

These also arrived this¬†week — it’s Malabrigo Finito.¬† It’s only made once a year and is¬†supposed to be the softest wool.¬†¬†It does feel incredibly wonderful and I love the colors – can’t wait to see them knit up tho I¬†may have to see if I have enough of one of those to make a cowl since it would feel so lovely against your neck.¬† These are smaller hanks so it takes two of them to make a pair of socks.

So Sock challengees —¬†did you finish any socks this month — or at least make progress on some?