Pinwheel Poseys continued

I’ve been enjoying reading all your comments on the prior post about what color combinations you would use to do a two color quilt.  There also several comments that you couldn’t do the Pinwheel Posey in just two colors — the two color question really was not tied to the pattern — just a question in general.  But check it out — there’s no reason you couldn’t do Pinwheel Posey in two colors…..

Two Color Pinwheel Posey

  It think it would look really good as a two color quilt, don’t you and lots of space for great quilting

Then I was playing with some other color placement — randomly coloring in sections of the same Posey Pinwheel Block, but not necessarily placing the color in the same place in each of the quarter portions of the block and here’s a couple more layouts with a bit of a different look and a few more colors to them.