Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour

Thanks for joining me for the blog tour.  Be sure to go to the Quiltmaker blog for info on all the other block designers in the blog tour and chances to win prizes.

First things first — here’s my block in  Issue 5 called Pinwheel Posey.

  The fabrics used in it are from the Jakarta line and Bliss Blenders — Hoffman California Fabrics.

This block is basically made of four separate sections, each one exactly the same, but each quarter block is turned a quarter turn.

How did I come up with it?  Playing in EQ of course.  I was drawing and deleting lines, using the Symmetry button in EQ that allows you to randomly turn the blocks you set into the quilt.  I get some of my most interesting designs this way.

The original block looked like this.

  If you set that block into a quilt layout all facing the same you get this. But this one is just boring. So once you start turning the blocks, you can many other fun layouts and it’s oh so easy to do it with a click of a button.

With just a click or two I got the Pinwheel Posey layout shown with the borders around it. Notice the center of the flowers are yellow – in the other layouts  those pieces are background fabric.  A few more clicks and you get the rest of the layouts — all from the same block.


Of course the real fun is when you start adding additional colors/fabrics into the designs.  Here’s a quilt top I made using batiks and black.  The only difference in this block is I added a cream colored triangle in one color which makes the background look like it’s sort of a black frame twisting around the blocks and left the background black in the center of the flower.












And here’s the table runner I made using just three blocks and adding some border blocks which is also pictured in the 100 Blocks magazine issue.

 There is one thing I did when I pieced my own blocks that is different from the directions in the magazine.  I made the entire block as a “Stitch-and-Flip” block.  The E/D/F/E unit they show in the instructions — I did not cut piece D with the angles or use triangles.  In order to do it all as “Stitch-and-Flip” instead of the pieces shown in section, you cut one 2″ square for piece E, piece D is cut 2″ x 5″, piece F is cut 2″ x 3.5″ and E at right end is another 2″ square.

   Following first photo (if you click on the photo to open enlarged image, you can see the direction of the lines drawn on the pices to be stitched) lay out your background square (at left) and 3.5″ x 2″ “F” piece on top of the D piece, stitch and flip.  Per second photo, add 2″ square (center of flower section) and stitch and flip.  Easy and now angles to cut.

You can be entered to win copies of 100 Blocks Issue 5.  One copy will be coming directly from Quiltmaker and the other from me.  To enter into the random drawing, you must leave a comment on this post answering this question:   If you were making a two color quilt, what two colors would you use in it.  Leave your comment with your two colors (and only two colors) before midnight tonight (May 3 CST) 4 to be eligible for the drawings.  If you’ve never commented on the blog before your comment will be held for moderation but all those appearing in my list to approve BEFORE midnight CST will be approved before I do the drawing.  Please remember to check back tomorrow evening or on May 5.  I will need the winners to email me their mailing addresses by 6 p.m. CST on May 6.  If they have not done so by that time, I will have to pick new winners.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by for the blog tour.