Starting over

Well I decided not to knit farther on the Spectra scarf to see if I would like the colors better together once some of the other color changes came into play. I just wasn’t liking the Noro texture in there.  Those two yarns will probably be used together but for a different scarf with two stands at a time so they blend into each other and they’ll look much better because the thicker/thin nature of the Noro won’t matter.    I made some of those a couple christmases ago and loved the way they turned out blending a solidy looking and a multicolored sock yarn together.

Plus, a bit thicker yarn is better for the needle size I’m using on Spectra so I started over with some yarn from the stash

 I’m liking these together much better and the color changes will happen more quickly across the wedges.

I did head out to WI Craft Market this afternoon and found a new ball winder to replace the one that broke.

I ended up getting a Knit Picks ball winder — this one 

which I just had to go look up on line to figure out what the handle is for that was in my box.  Per the link I discovered it’s for those who perfer to hold the ballwinder when winding rather than clamping to a table.  DUH – perfect!! little did I know that when I chose it since there was no picture of it on the outside of the box .   Since I prefer to hold it rather than clamp it down, that will work exceedingly well now that I know where to look to attach the handle. LOL



4/22/12 Stash Report

Well seriously – this can’t be called a “Stashbusting” report because I’m clearly going in the wrong direction!  See yesterday’s post and you’ll understand why — fabrics were purchased for Christmas Town Sampler – A Collaboration Among Friends (Judy told me to shop!) so tho I haven’t tallied it all to the exact fat quarter, I’m pretty sure I’m in the red again. Even the yard and a half I used from the stash for the backing and binding of a wallhanging won’t alter that fact.  That’s just the way it goes some days.

Spent the morning kniting on the Spectra scarf but I’m thinking I may start over with some other yarn (since there’s plenty here to choose from) ;-).  I’m just not thrilled with the Noro I picked for the wedge colors – I’d like something a little bright and that changes color more often and I just realized one of the colors in the Noro is going to be way too close to the main color so when I get to that section, the wedge won’t really show.  But the biggest thing is the texture of the Noro – it’s slubby (or what I call slubby) with thicker and thinner places.  In some things I don’t mind that but in this I’m not real fond of the look.  So I may go back to the drawing board or I may knit a bit more till the colors start shifting more and see what I like – I’m undecided.