Pair 9 Done and yarn claimed!

Yvonne has responded so that yarn from the 2011 Challenge giveaway will be headed to Canda sometime next week — when I manage to get over to the post office so I can fill out all those wierd little forms they require. 🙂

Last night I finished pair of socks number NINE!!!  The Simple Skyp socks in String Theory Caper Sock.  And of course the next pair is already on the needles.  You can see the finished pair added to the 12 in 2012 photo gallery and I’ve updated the yards knit so far this year.

Malabrigo in Solis color - Tesserae sock pattern This is the new pair I started –Malabrigo sock yarn in the color Solis — it is so pretty.  And its the Tesserae sock pattern — I think this is my third pair from that pattern and it’s possibly my most favorite simple sock pattern because it’s super easy and it has such great texture (which doesn’t necessarily show up in my photos).   This will be my “ride the bus and knit sock” and once I gather all the knitting stuff from the various closets it got put in when the painters were here and get it reorganized, I need to pull one of the socks out of the single sock bin so I can finish the mate to it.  Most of those have more complex patterns that can’t be memorized (at least not by me) so that will be the one I work on at home.  Reading a pattern on a bouncing bus is not very easy to do!