Stashbusting – 4/8/2012 – and other stuff

Finally, some stash has been busted of more than a yard at a time!  According to EQ – 9 yards cut up for the Madison Square Garden quilt.  I will be sewing on that one some more today and hopefully have all the blocks done to layout by the end of the day.

So 9 yards used this week; total busted 15.5.

I was doing a bit of playing in EQ between putting the sewing room back in order after the painters.  Here’s one design I’ve been toying with — looks like painted wall tiles to me.

 Would I want to piece those blocks – maybe, maybe not. LOL  But not everything I draw actually ends up being made anyway.  It’s fun to play with different looks  and see what emerges as they are turned or combined with other blocks.

That darn Easter Bunny forgot to drop off my easter basket last night — or maybe he saw I was still awake. I couldn’t sleep last night so about 2 a.m. you would have found me in my kitchen making bread.  So I had fresh bread for breakfast this morning and then made some bars.  Got quite a bit of knitting done too – the 2nd Simple Skyp sock I have made it to the heel flap.  This sock is not hard at all but it seems to take a long time to make progress on it — but I think that’s mostly because I started the second right after the first, rather than moving on to some other sock instead.

Now to some sewing!


11 comments on “Stashbusting – 4/8/2012 – and other stuff

  1. i am trying the simple skyp sock pattern too. I really like it. I am about at the same place you are on sock number 2. I found the pattern knitted up tighter then I ike my socks so I had to rip out the first one and make it a larger size then normal. It will still be snug which is how I like them to be.

    • I really like this pattern — but, I actually don’t know if I followed the needle size, etc. suggested in the pattern. I know what size needle I like depending on how many stitches are cast on to get the amount of ease/stretch I like in my socks or sometime add an extra repeat of the stitch pattern.

  2. can I get this pattern!Please!!!!PLease, please, please!!!!I love it and It is exactly what I have been looking for colors and all for my living room. please!!!!

    • There is no pattern for that quilt – I was just playing in EQ which means blocks are not necessarily pieceable sizes.

    • They may no be difficult per se but I don’t like bothering with Y seams and there are a lot of those.

  3. That’s a really pretty quilt! I don’t usually go for a lot of yellow, but yours is really nice!

  4. This is a beautiful quilt! I love the design. It looks fresh and ‘springy’. I would like to make this quilt for my bed.

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