It’s a Girl Thing

That’s the name of the most recent Nine Block Collection now available at EQ Boutique.

Perfume, powder, eye shadow, eye pencils, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss,  barretts and hair ribbons, comb – what’s more girly than all those things.   When I was little I used to love those big powder puffs that came with after bath talc powder – in their fancy little containers.  The whole bathroom would look like there had been powder explosion when I had finished (a bit of over powdering).  You’ll find one of those among the block collection. Among the hair ribbon/barrett block you’ll also find one of those ponytail holders that has the plastic balls on each end of it.  When I was little a friend of mine had lovely long hair and wore those type ponytail holders.  I thought they were the coolest things  and she had them in all colors of the rainbow.  I never had long hair — remember the “pixie cuts” – yep that was me – but I always wanted hair long enough to wear those things! LOL









Since I’m redecorating the bathroom and took down the old wallhanging, I’m thinking I may make two or three separate blocks from the collection above and frame them individually to hang on the walls in the bathroom.  Wouldn’t that be cute.

I have a couple more block collections waiting their turn to be released at EQ Boutique – so there’s  more fun waiting in the wings so to speak.

I’ve been off the computer this week because the moving of furniture was in process and the painters were here Wednesday and painted the whole apartment.  It looks great.  They got a bit overzealous tho.  I left some of the nails/screws in the wall where I planned to rehang the items I took down from those spots.  The places where I wasn’t going to put something back up, I removed the hanger and puttied the hole.   Well, they took down all my hangers.  It looks nice but now I have to go back and remeasure/recenter to make sure things level and straight.  I hate doing that!  When I moved in, I set things in front of the walls I wanted them on and my Dad hung them all for me.  I asked him tonight on the phone if he could come back from Arizona and hang them all again….. guess I’ll be working on that project myself. :-)

The upside tho is I may change some stuff around.  I wasn’t going to because I didn’t want to put more holes in the walls but now that there are no holes –  it doesn’t matter.  I know I’m going to move the design wall and possibly make it larger (no more having it next to the window to have everything blow off.  So I have to think on these things a bit.

I moved the bedroom furniture back in place last night and moved my favorite chair and the tv but the rest of the stuff is all still sitting in the middle of each room.  I had been moving furniture around and taking stuff off walls, cleaning up dust monsters (yes no longer bunnies but monsters) for several days straight and I just couldn’t do it another night.  Tonight I’m being lazy too tho I shall contemplate exactly where I want to move everything so I have plan before any physical exertion!

But yeah! I’m on vacation now – 4 day weekend which starts witih breakfast out tomorrow with a friend.   We may need to stop at the fabric store to pick up new flannel backed tablecloth fabric for my design wall!



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  1. oh yes the bathroom, all laid out and ready for a new day to go out and about, yes reminds me of my area,,looks great,,,take care Jeanne

  2. Denise ~

    I got my last design wall at Bed Bath & Beyond. They were having a clearance on last season’s colorway and I picked up a HUGE (6 ft by 10 ft) tablecloth with high quality flannel backing for about $10. Good luck finding a good one and resetting your home!

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