Janaury UFO Challenge Project and Stashbusting report

Stashbusting – one poor little yard of fabric used to cut some borders and that’s it for this week.  Now that the sewing room is once again clean and I can see my table, I’m going to get a couple projects layered so just maybe I can make a bit of a bigger move than one yard at a time.  So despite that 15 yard setback into the red two weeks ago, I’m  a whole whopping 5.5 yards in the black again.

Andl I’m only nearly three months behind on the UFO challenge.  My January project, Frozen Delights I actually did get quilted in January some time (or maybe early February) but it’s been siting waiting for me to hand stitch the binding. Part of the problem was I buried the quilt in my sewing room mess and just uncovered it yesterday.  So last night got the binding stitched down finally!

  Notice all that green behind the quilt.  I think last week you could have sat outside and watched those leaves pop out on the trees.

Below are a few other photos of how I quilted some of the blocks — they are all a bit different, quilted in threads to match their fabrics.

Back to the spring cleaning.  The bathrooom floor should be dry by now so I can finish off that room.



12 comments on “Janaury UFO Challenge Project and Stashbusting report

  1. Like the individual quilting, we are in Autumn heading for Winter enjoy your Spring and Summer hope you don’t get too much rain. Nees

    • I quilt just on a plain old home sewing machine – no long arm, no big throat, not electronic – nothing fancy here. It’s a Janome with no bells and whistles but I can’t remember what model # – a store floor model demonstrator that was probably about a $300 – 400 machine that I got for just over $100 on Ebay. And gosh – I can’t even remember how many years ago – 10, 15? I do all my piecing on a featherweight and use the Janome just for quilting.

  2. I really like the quilting on frozen delights. I think with Spring/Summer in full swing, it is time for me to pull out my fabrics and make your delightful quilt.

  3. You have really been making progress Denise, surely put me to shame! I have put all my sewing projects on hold to do outside work, spent all day outside yesterday it was nice and today to be low 80’s, so imagine the same. I love how you did the quilting on the Frozen Delights quilt and put your name on the one block. 🙂 Very nicely done!

    • I hate putting labels on my quilts so unless they are being made for somethere where I’m forced to add a label, I normally just quilt my name (usually first and last and the year) somewhere in the quilt. My family knows I do that so if they get a quilt as a gift, the game begins to figure out where I “signed” it.

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