NQD progress

Progress has been made on several fronts – a very productive day so far.  The christmas lights are taken down, patio swept and table and chairs are back outside.  Let’s hope Mother Nature doesn’t decide to cover them in snow yet this year. LOL  Living room decluttered and some furniture moved about.  Yarn stuff put back where it belonged.

A bit of knitting, a bit of burning of cookies (yes I got sidetracked and one batch hit the garbage disposal).  They were not a huge loss — it was dough I had stuck in the freezer and forgotten about but they were the ones I made with the inferior oatmeal — too powder — so the cookies are the greatest.  After burning the second batch I just dumped the rest of the dough.  Why waste the calories or time on something that isn’t very good.   Couple trips to the dumpster to get ride of the trash and recyclables and old printer that had been sitting around and things are looking a bit tidier — at least in part of the apartment.

Then on to the sewing.  I have all my Five Square blocks made up to the point of adding the frame around each block before moving on to the sashing, with the exception of the top row which I finished last weekend.

  Now I think it’s time for a coffee break and then to check to see if my little grill survived the winter outside.  I’m thinking a steak on the grill would be fantastic for dinner!


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    • I really like the flowers from that larger print. Still have some left that I didn’t cut into swiss cheese so may use it for a border on something else.

  1. just wanted to let you know that I love that new quilt I am going out of town and it’s one of the lines I am going to spend a little time looking for. thanks for being a motivator.

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