Designs for Hoffman California Fabrics

I was very busy this past Christmas season working on some new designs for Hoffman California Fabrics new fabric collections.  The patterns are now available at Hoffman Fabrics’ website. I believe the fabrics all come out at Spring Market, so they will be hitting your local quilt shop later this year.  Here’s the designs I did.  You can get a closer look at all the fabrics  in the collections by going to the website.


PLEASANT FARM COLLECTION — “DOWN ON THE FARM”  – Chickens, chickens and more chickens — and a sunflower stripe too.  The main brown print is a scene of chickens and roosters which due to the colorings reminds of me old postcard prints.

MADISON COLLECTION – “On The Square”.   Since I live in Madison, it seemed appropriate that I work on this collection. 🙂  and since I work on the Capitol Square — well you can guess how I came up with the quilt name.

Papyrus Colorway

—Blush Colorway

  My favorite print in this collection is the large butterfly print.  It’s even prettier up close – the detail and colors.  And although I normally don’t like pinkish fabrics — I absolutely love this Blush colorway.

This next pattern is not available – it’s just one design idea I was playing with but it does show the 3rd colorway of the Madison collection.


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