Design Wall Monday

  Child’s Play is still on the design wall – I haven’t gotten those two sashing strips sew in place yet on either side of the hop scotch section due to now sewing this weekend.

I did get a lot of knitting done this weekend tho.

  The Tesserae sock just needs the toe closed.  I got out my trustly food scale and I was going to be really close on the amount of yarn so I made the toe out of a different brown I had in the stash to make sure I don’t run short.  I’ll be casting on the second one to this pair tonight.

  The Fa Fa Fa sock is on the final toe decreases too.


4 comments on “Design Wall Monday

  1. How long does it take you make a pair of socks? I’m working on my first pair using sock weight yarn an they’re taking forever!

    • I’ve never really paid attention how long it takes. But if you’ve previously been using a heavier yarn, I would imagine it seems like a long time to get one done on the fingering weight.

    • Thanks – the sashings look funny in the photo because the print on them makes it look distorted when photographed from a distance. They’re not gray – it’s a white background with primary colors on it. 🙂

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