2012 UFO Challenge projects

Okay – my sewing room is a mess because of friend Judy!  Tho I had just finished cleaning the sewing room earlier this week and now it’s definitely all her fault – making me decide which UFOs so put on my challenge list and now my sewing room  looks like this!!  (tho I’ll go put it back to rights in a little bit).

  UFO boxes of tops waiting to be finished in various stages, boxes of swap blocks and who knows what else but all UFOs.

So I dug through and piled things on the table wanting to figure out which ones to put on my list.  It’s a bit ambitious – my list – since most of the items need to be machine quilted which of course makes me wish I had a sewing machine with a larger throat area but I shall muddle along as usual and my hope my sewing machine will be cooperative.

Here are photos of the items on my list.  You can see my actual list by clicking the Challenge button in the sidebar and the number assigned to each.  I’ll be posting photos of the finished items on that page.

Prairie Flower

Prairie Flower is one of my most favorite quilts.  It’s been languishing in the UFO boxes because I can’t decide on the final border.  I wanted to use the print that is in the sashing – the lighter one – but it came from the stash and of course there’s no more.  I’m going to have to take this to the quilt shop with me to see what I can find.  When it’s done, it will hang on my living room wall.

Autumn Ripples











Autumn Ripples was one I designed for Hoffman California fabrics and the fabrics in the center were samples I had of the fabrics it was designed for so I made an abbreviated version of the quilt with the fabrics I had.

The Cowboys

These are also a favorite (yes I pulled several favorites to put on the list in the hopes that will urge me on to finishing them since they’ve been in the stash a long time.    I love these silhouette blocks of the cowboys and the stampede of horses.  There’s one cowgirl in the mix which was made by a friend for a block swap.  One is in the original quilt (which is also on my list) and the second one fit in so well here.  Blocks need to be trimmed to size, once I figure out how I want to set them together.

Romp in Texas Hill Country

Yet another favorite since it reminds me of fun times and wonderful friends.  These were swap blocks from a TQP Quilt retreat at the T Bar M in New Braunfels, TX.  The blocks could be any size on a Texas theme.  It’s hanging a bit wonky on the wall but I think I may add one more border on to it.  The Wagon wheel block with the signpost sort of in the middle will have T Bar M written on it – I should probably add a strip of fabric hanging from it since one of our quilters got a bit lost, called on the cell, and friend Susan and I walked to the end of the road and waved fabric strips at her to motion her into the correct drive which she had driven past previously. 🙂  Yes, many fond memories of that adventure and blocks by a lot of talented quilters.
It’s only fitting this log cabin is included in the challenge since Judy (yes the same one who caused me to mess up my sewing room)  issued a log cabin challenge – oh quite a while ago – on her blog.  This was the result I came up with.  I havent’ decided if I’ll add a border or leave it as is yet.
I love the blues and the limey greens together and all of the fabrics came from my stash at the time.
Yet another favorite – this one was my very first hand applique project believe it or not.  I was just going to make one block – more to prove to myself that I didn’t like hand applique (my poor assumption since I didn’t like the handwork in making clothes I assumed I wouldn’t like hand applique).  How wrong I was and this quilt clearly shows I was instantly hooked.  So this has been lingering in the tops stash for oh, at least hmmm… 12 years?  15?  … in any event a good long time.  The snow people and santas will get buttons or french knots or some other type of embroidery for their faces.
The mittens are from a block swap I hosted on The Quilting Post.  These are just the bright colored mittens.  I have another set of more subdued looking mittens too that will be used in a separate project.
These need to be trimmed to size and then set together some how.  They are in no particular order on the design wall – just stuck them up there to take a photo – so need to decide how I want to arrange them.
Just Butterflies was one of the t on my blog.  Made from a fat quarter pack.  I still need to add a final border (I always seem to get stalled on that part).
Need to take this one to the quilt shop too since there’s nothing in the stash with the same “feel” to use for the border fabric.
Pinwheel Poseys — yet another in need of some borders.
Stained Glass Table Runner — this one was made from leftover HST corners cut off the Pinwheel Posey blocks.  No borders needed thank goodness!  Just need to applique the circles in place and then it’s ready to quilt.
Frozen Delights – which was also a blog project and now it’s available as a block collection with additional blocks not used here on sale at EQ Boutique.
There’s a pinwheel border, some blocks started somewhere, that needs to be added before it’s ready to quilt.
Wonky Hearts – my February year of wallhanging design.  Needs to be quilted.
I did add one extra item to my list — after all its a leap year so there’s one whole day more to quilt right?  Actually it’s one that got buried in the closet and is long past it’s time to be finished.  It’s Michael’s quilt – my nephew – which was (optimal word being “was”) to be his high school graduation quilt.  Well I procrastinated in coming up with what I wanted to do since I wanted to make something in the colors of the college he was going to so waited for news of that.  Then I was slow in getting it going and set it aside after I got the top done.  Well he graduates college this year – University of Miami, Ohio, so the M is for Michael and for University of Miami.  So I’ll work on this around all the others in an attempt to get it done before he graduates in the spring!
   Whew – If I an accomplish all this along with all the other stuff demanding my time it will be miraculous but anything that gets finished is one less thing in the UFO stash.  That batting I just bought won’t last long with this lot and I’m going to need to go lay in a stock pile of thread for all that machine quilting.

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  1. IMHO Prairie flowers is finished. I think that adding a border will take away from the focus on these lovely blocks. Wow….I am not sure how you managed to let these languish. They are all to lovely to be UFO’s

  2. That lost person, would she have a name? Seems I have some faint memory of it happening, but donot remember who it was. snicker, snicker. A GPS system would be handy for her. Your quilts are amazing, what talent.

    • Hmmmm yes I think you know her intimately – unless you’re lost again! Instead of just Wonderfully Wicked Wanda it should be Wonderfully Wicked Wanda of the Wildly Waving Wovens! 🙂

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