Yarn, lovely yarn

I was busy all afternoon writing up a new pattern for Hoffman California – draft done, just need proofing and final number checks – sustained by a jumbo mug of “sippin chocolate.”  If you have a Trader Joe’s near you and like hot cocoa – this is my all time favorite. It’s decadent dark chocolate not to be wasted on the kiddies – give them the cheapie stuff and save this for yourself. LOL  And to make it even more decadent, when I was at the store they had that whipped topping in a spray can on sale – peppermint flavored.  Mild peppermint and it was soooo good on top of the sipping chocolate.

But then I spied the unopened yarn packages I had set down and forgot about.  Here’s what was inside — all from Webs (yarn.com).

From left to right they are Malabrigo “Indiecita” – Smooshy” Lunar Zazzle” – Malabrigo “Candome” – Malabrigo “Solis” and Everlasting “Daylilly”.  Of course the Everlasting ‘Passion’ which I need to finish a pair of socks is still on backorder but I guess I have plenty of others to work with in the meantime. 🙂     All these lovely yarns — just how many pairs of socks should one person have on needles at the same time????  I’ve got a whole lot of ball winding in my future at some point.

But think I’ll finally turn off this computer for the day and go knit on a pair ALREADY on the needles and not play with the new yarns.  And for those joining in my 12 in 2012 Challenge…. only one  more shopping day left! 🙂



A wonderful surprise!

On a day that looks like this outside…

 It started out raining, temps dropped and it turned to sleet, and now it’s big fluffy very wet flakes falling.  (Yes, I’m very glad I didn’t work today because I’m thinking the bus ride home would have taken a long time since the roads are slippery).  Tho that didn’t stop a friend and I from going out to lunch, quick trip to the quilt shop so I now have a restocked batting supply, and quick stop for a couple grocery items. It’s definitely very wet, slushy, slippery and gloomy out there so glad to be back.

I have the last yarn order to be delivered soon to my home so I put a garbage bag outside on the door in case it came when I was gone so hopefully the mailman would see it and put the box inside.  Before I left I could see someone wrestling with the garbage bag outside my door.  Not the mailman, but a delivery person with a big box, so big it wouldn’t fit inside but she was trying to cover as much of the box as possible (thank you kind delivery person).  Since I hadn’t ordered anything else I was so happily surpised to find these inside.

  A gorgeous box of flowers from Sandy at Hoffman Fabrics.  What a wonderful surpise and they are incredibly gorgeous.  They came from Maui and are Protea / Pincushion flowers (pincushion flowers – very appropriate for someone who designs quilts for them -quite clever flower choice).  The scale of the flowers can’t really truly be judged from that photo, they are in a foot high galvanized french vase and the largest flower in the front is 5 to 6 inches across, the smallest 3 to 4″!!  Each one looks like a work of art and not a real flower that could grow anywhere.  Here’s some more pictures of them.

These look like they are made of feathers

They are so lovely.  I will truly enjoy these.  They are supposed to last several weeks and then you simply dump out the water and they turn into a dried bouquet.  Amazing!

As I was typing this, the mailman knocked.  They yarn package I was expecting plus two other separate little squishy packages which I’m thinking are the backordered yarns from a prior order.  So time to go rip into those and see what I got.