Sock update

 Progress is continuing to be made.  This one has a different heal than others I’ve done – wrapped stitches – so it will be interesting to see if I like how it fits. You don’t pick up any stitches around the heels so I’m thinking it may not slip on as easily since it doesn’t have that added room but we shall see.

Took another look at the socks that I wore a hole in and decided they aren’t worth trying to darn since the whole sole is really worn.  Did some searching about bamboo yarns and found out they do not hold up well in socks.  Lesson learned.  I’ll have to check as I’m making more socks and see what other yarns I might have with bamboo in them and use them for scarves or shawls or cowls.  The yarn is nice and soft with bamboo in it but I’m not going to waste time making socks that won’t last out of it.

I got some fancy chocolates in this neat little wooden box and was trying to figure out what to do with the box.

  Well heck it’s the perfect size to hold sock needles I think so I may have a good use for it.

There’s one yarn type that I recently bought that I’ve decided will be put aside for scarfs or at least something


Now – to go finish cleaning the sewing room or sit and knit….. hmmmm…..actually first I’ve got a pattern to work on so think the cleaning will wait until tomorrow and the knitting will win out after I putz in EQ for a while.