Christmas Day

Well let’s try this one more time. I have not idea why the first post came out blank – I could see it! Santa’s elves must be meddling!

  Happy Christmas Day!  This is a little design I was playing with this morning in EQ – I may have to put it on my “need to make next Christmas” list.  Plus I was playing with PSP and found the “buttonize” effect which makes it look kind of like a 3-D button — I may have to go back and change the rest of the buttons in the sidebar and “buttonize” them. I already did the 12 in 2012 button and added Judy’s UFO button the same way.

This is definitely a quilter’s church — can you figure out why?  The steeple is actually a rose of sharon block with one of the ends removed.  It makes a very nice steeple I think.  Here’s a close up of it.

  It’s a sunny day  here but when I opened the door I found this……

  Poor Sam the Snowman has been accosted during the night!!! At first I thought perhaps he got into a fight with some pesky squirrels but when I stepped outside I realized it’s dang windy out there and he got blown over.  He’s upright again but I may need to bring him in for a while if he topples again.

It’s been a lazy morning here so far.  Think I’ll refill my coffee cup, grab some coffee cake (which I tasted yesterday and it turned out very good) and then head to the sewing room to hook up a dvd player to the tv and watch some movies while I slog through UFOs.   Judy has issued her UFO challenge for 2012 (she did it last year but I didn’t participate)  but plan to give it shot this year.  The problem won’t be finding 12 ufos to put on my list — it will be deciding which of the multitude to put on my list!



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  1. Merry Christmas! Day is almost over and I did set a few (very few) stitches. Otherwise was absolutely family and noise! I am glad to be home in the quiet but had a great time! A really nice quilt church with the steeple. Put that one on your UFO list!

  2. Merry Christmas, I sure miss you, I have your picture so I can talk to you when I want to so know you are missed. About the sewing room, did you know I organize for free, hehe. I have a new baby an Elna Quilting Pro 7300, what a sweet heart.hugs Patticake

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