A day spent puttering

I went in to the sewing room with the intention of sewing – but then decided I’d straighten the bookcase since some magazines has spilled over onto the floor. So I hooked up the DVD player, put in a holiday movie, and did a bit of straightening.  Which led to a bit more… and now things are nearly in order.  I moved around some fabric on the shelves and found space to put back the ones misplaced by the tv.  I even have one shelf on the bookshelf that’s nearly empty (tho I’ll find some thing to fill it up) and pulled out some drapery fabric I had actually bought to make curtains for the sewing room window (not feeling like doing that now) – but rolled it around the tension rod so it will keep out some of the chill that comes off that window but still let a bit of brightness in if the sun is shining.

 And yep you might be able to make out the metal sculpture peacock standing on the window sill.  🙂  He’s usually outside but I didn’t think he wanted to  stand in a snowbank all winter so I had to find a place to stand him so he’s guarding the sewing room.

  This corner will get emptied out sometime this week.  That’s the corner where the treadmill will go and I was trying to figure out where to put that table.  But the lightbulb finally went on.  If the treadmill comes out of the bedroom, this table will fit in it’s place.  Then I can put the computer printer on it in there and move the tv in my bedroom onto the table.  It’s all good but that’s way too much work so can’t be bothering with that today.

And I never dug through the UFO boxes to pick out the ones I want to work on but now I have room to drag them out and tomorrow, the plan is to sew sew sew.

 First up will be Wreaths and Garland which is on the design wall.  I want to get those blocks set together and I think I need to cut some more pieces to make the rest of the borders (or dig through the stack of stuff on the ironing board which may be where the rest of the border stuff is hiding).

But for the rest of tonight, couch potatoe time.  Make myself a sandwich and the sit and knit and watch movies the rest of the night.

Ah and the other bonus of straightening up the sewing room — I thought I was missing some winter clothes! LOL  The storage box of them got stuck in with the UFOs so one of these days I’ll have to pull it out and see what’s in it – I just might want to wear some of them.


Christmas Day

Well let’s try this one more time. I have not idea why the first post came out blank – I could see it! Santa’s elves must be meddling!

  Happy Christmas Day!  This is a little design I was playing with this morning in EQ – I may have to put it on my “need to make next Christmas” list.  Plus I was playing with PSP and found the “buttonize” effect which makes it look kind of like a 3-D button — I may have to go back and change the rest of the buttons in the sidebar and “buttonize” them. I already did the 12 in 2012 button and added Judy’s UFO button the same way.

This is definitely a quilter’s church — can you figure out why?  The steeple is actually a rose of sharon block with one of the ends removed.  It makes a very nice steeple I think.  Here’s a close up of it.

  It’s a sunny day  here but when I opened the door I found this……

  Poor Sam the Snowman has been accosted during the night!!! At first I thought perhaps he got into a fight with some pesky squirrels but when I stepped outside I realized it’s dang windy out there and he got blown over.  He’s upright again but I may need to bring him in for a while if he topples again.

It’s been a lazy morning here so far.  Think I’ll refill my coffee cup, grab some coffee cake (which I tasted yesterday and it turned out very good) and then head to the sewing room to hook up a dvd player to the tv and watch some movies while I slog through UFOs.   Judy has issued her UFO challenge for 2012 (she did it last year but I didn’t participate)  but plan to give it shot this year.  The problem won’t be finding 12 ufos to put on my list — it will be deciding which of the multitude to put on my list!