Time for a little relaxing

Whew! I’m pooped.  The baked goods are all put away – most in the freezer.  Put the icing on the coffee cake I kept out for me.  Dinner was yummy. That’s all put away and the kitchen finally cleaned up.  I got the tv put together.  Here is where it ended up – at least for the time being.

 It’s a little bit high if I’m sitting at the table sewing but when I’m sewing I usually just have it on to listen to. But I’ve been eyeing up that wide windsill.  I ususally hang a quilt in front of those blinds on a tension rod since that room gets very little sun in the winter and it usually is just too cool for me to work in if there isn’t something over those blinds.   If the sill is wide enough, I may just move it there.

If I leave it where it is, there’s this problem.  This fabric was all on that shelf the tv is now on and it would need a new home.  Guess I’m going to have to do a lot of sewing so I use up some of that fabric!

 It has been a long a busy day and I can’t believe it’s already after 9 p.m.  Time to put on my jammies (yes I did actually get dressed at some point today!), snuggle up in a chair under a quilt and watch the end of It’s A Wonderful Life and knit…. until I let myself break into the Christmas gifts under my tree.

A Blessed Christmas Day to all.



Baking Bonanza

  The freezer is going to be full and some of the coworkers may be treated to coffee cake on Tuesday morning at the office.  From left to right there’s coffee cake with struesel on top, one with toasted coconut and struesel, round one with just toasted coconut and a little loaf of cinnamon swirl bread using the last of the sweet dough.  The the rolls (which have darker brown spots on the top — why? because the little buggers were getting too brown on the bottom and not done enough yet so I flipped them over).  Not pretty but they’re just for me and I tasted a bit of one and they are yummy wheat rolls for those leftover ham sandwiches.  Then there’s a loaf of wheat bread and lastly, it’s pineapple casserole waiting to go in the oven in a few minutes.  The ham is in there now and since I’ve gotten through the day on half a grapefruit and coffee and a few crackers — just too busy to eat — I’m starting to get hungry smelling that ham baking.

The coffee cakes still need their powdered sugar icing drizzled on top to finish them off.  All that took longer than I planned but I still made a small dent in the sewing room — and lived to find my way back out again.  The table is now cleared off, which is good.  Especially since I may need it to pile other stuff on as I move furniture around in that room.

I still can’t decide where to put the tv.  I may sacrifice the top shelf of one of the fabric shelving units and set it up there out of the way but need to pull the tv out and put it together to see if its too wide to go there or not.  If not there, then I need to unload the entire bookcase so I can move it to a different spot, away from in front of the window, so I can put the tv on top of that.  In the meantime I’ll continue with a bit more cleaning while I contemplate the possibilities.  Plus I need to take the legs off the slate table (which is outside on the patio in the summer) since I need room to move the treadmill back into the sewing room.  Unless the smaller table fits next to the design wall since I don’t need the little tv that’s in that spot anymore and it would be handy to have a table right next to the design wall to lay stuff on.  Hmmmm….. decisions decisions…time to get back to the decluttering – or maybe put the tv base on it to see how wide it all is and how large a surface the base needs.

Oh and a final decoration photo — my icicles.  It would be much prettier with a little snow to reflect off of but that too will come soon enough.


Ain’t it embarrassing

But I’m going to show you anyway — the current state of my sewing room.  With everything being so busy for the last month or so around here, any project I was working on got tossed on the sewing table in various stages, hmmm and I see that’s where the rugs I had washed and was looking for the other day ended up – on the corner of the table.  Mystery solved! LOL

   Yes more playing with the camera. 🙂  but after a short coffee break I’m going to work my way into this room!  If several days go by without a post — please send the national guard (or a bunch of savy quilters who know there way around a messy sewing room) to pull me out!!  But I have not just been playing with the camera.  There’s a batch of whole wheat rolls which  are nearly through the first raising – think I’ll make one loaf of bread and the rest into rolls – and a batch of sweet dough is rising too.

So first a fresh pot of coffee to make, get the wheat dough shaped and rising again, and then with my trusty trash bag in hand — into the breach   sewing room I go!

Happy Christmas Eve

 I was outside this morning (in my jammies no less) testing the new camera.  Yep I love it.  Yes, I decorated the birdhouse on the fence that I have across from my door.  The wrens need a little holiday bling too. 🙂  Notice it is not a “white christmas” in the background like usual.  A few stubborn flakes are in the shady areas but no snow this year.

  This is Sam the Snowman who stands sentry at my door.    And the giant ornaments hanging from the deck above my door.

Let’s not forget the little christmas tree I put up rather than the large one this year.

It’s sitting on top of Granny’s old treadle sewing cabinet.  Along with a few of my favorite Santas.

And the final photo – enough playing with the camera —

the new sock I started on last night.


Now off to do a bit of baking.