Guess what?

 Yes, I did finish one of the socks I was working on.  But the Guess What? is more about — look at the photo. It was NOT taken in the dark.  Daylight (or lamplight in this case) but not in the dark.  One of my bosses gave me a lovely new camera for Christmas today. 🙂  It takes lovely photos  – I managed this without reading the book.  But I ‘ve got to sit down and figure out all its buttons and gadgets and change the photo size so I don’t have to resize them so much since they start out monsterous in size.  But I love it!! It’s about half the width my old one was so nice and slim to stick in a pocket or purse. And no more taking photos in the dark to try to get the old camera to work.

And the sock – I love this pattern.  I made the top of it a bit longer than normal due to where the pattern needed to end so now I’m just a bit concerned I may run out of yarn on the second sock. Oh the horror – can’t have that. And I love the color so, tho I said I was ordering no more yarn before the end of the year due to my recent major yarn binge – I ordered another hank of it to make sure I have enough just in case.  And well, it’d be a waste of good postage money to just order one hank when I can order a couple for the same amount of postage — so yes, a few more coming my way.

But my plan is to wait before starting the second sock. You never know with hand dyed yarn if different hanks will really look similar in color so if worst comes to worst and they not as close in shade, I could make two new socks out of the new yarn and then use the yarn form this one to do the toes so that the legs look the same.  Plus that’s just a very good excuse to start on a different pair of socks!  So I shall be perusing the sock book to see what pattern I want to try next and decide what new yarn to use.

Christmas will be lo key here – my family is spread across the country – so I’ve got a plan to pull out all the christmas movies and work my way through them while knitting or sewing or working on a new pattern.

I’ve decided (I think) where I want to put the new tv in the sewing room but before I set it up in there I need to clean that room – looks like a hurricane has hit it. But we’ll see if I’m really that ambitious tomorrow or not.  Have to clean it before being able to move furniture around in there and that may be just too much work. 🙂