BOM and Year of Wallhangings

I’ve been getting lots of emails asking if there will be a new BOM in 2012 and if I will continue the Year of Wallhangings.

Year of Wallhangings will not be continued in 2012.  Designing them takes away from my sewing them. Heck it will probably take me all next year to get all those designs stitched myself. LOL

BOM — well I originally planned to do a new BOM in 2012 as a mystery project.  Plans have changed (1) because I have yet to locate the file I had planned to use.  But (2) most importantly, I’ve come up with what I think  is a much better plan  and in connection with that, have done a bit of arm twisting of three very talented friends  (I did not twist hard!) 🙂  so there will be some collaboration going on while we get our act together but for now it’s a secret until we get some things figured out so you’ll just have to wait and wonder until we’re set to announce it. 🙂

The mystery quilt, once I find the files, will  likely stil be done at some later time — maybe a long holiday weekend or something and from time to time I post other free projects on  the blog so you never know what 2012 might hold.