Stashbusting Sunday

Well I still haven’t located the official stashbusting table but I went back to the last time I posted all the totals.

In July I had 92 yards used, 34.25 purchased and a total of 57.75 busted. So I’ve been looking at the projects started and in progress since then and a couple finished, along with my purchases so the new totals are:

Purchased:  45 yards,  total used  163 , for a net busted of 118 yards — or that’s the best of my recollection and figuring.  But the purchasing is way down from past years — probably mostly due to more limited sewing time. It could be better but I like the ratio of used versus purchased – not too bad.  I just need to get to finishing the 4 or 5 nearly completed projects on the design wall (or piled on the table or chair). 🙂

I spent late last night (until I fell asleep in the chair all cozy under a quilt) perusing the new sock knitting book I got at the bookstore yesterday.  It’s Socktopus by Alice Yu and contains 17 pairs of socks.  I must say it’s the first sock book I picked up where when I looked at each sock pattern and decided I wanted to make it.  Usually there’s only a couple that I really like by each one of these is so unique.  Great different stitch pattens that make great texured looking socks, different heel treatments that I’m anxious to try (one that comes together in sort of a swirl almost like a pinwheel that looks very interesting), different cast ons, even one with little beads added in as you knit the pattern.  Of the 17, I think three were toe up — I’ve never tried those but will.  And her Vanilla Sock — her name for her plain Jane sock, includes info and spaces for you to measure your own foot and fit it into the equasion to get the perfect fit.  So I’m looking forward to working my way through this book.

So I’ve got to go figure out which of the many yarns piled on my couch that I haven’t put away yet to get wound and which new pattern to start on.  But in the meantime, I’ve got a new sewing chair that I need to pull out of the box and get put together so I can get that box out of my living room.