December Year of Wallhangings

I’m not late after all.  I finished the Hoffman design, except for the final proof, and then got busy on this.

  It’s called Snowy Night and is a simple design, meant for you to put your embellishment skills to work to decorate the tree.  Suggests on embellishment are found on the pattern page or the Year of Wallhangings page.

With this December design, that completes the Year of Wallhangings project — to hopefully you’ve done better than me since I think I only have one completely finished, one needs to be quilted, and one is going to be raw edge appliqued and it’s fused but not stitched so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Now, since I’ve been at the computer all afternoon, it’s time to find some dinner – sheesh it’s 8 p.m. already so I’ve been at it more than just the afternoon – and then go peruse my new sock pattern book and see what I want to start on next!




Saturday Stuff

It was a prosperous shopping trip today – especially for the stores.  I finally got a new chair for my sewing room so now just need to put that together.

New HD antenna for the tv to see how well it works bringing in the local stations down here under the hill where I am – tho one station is right next door so they should come in really well! LOL  If it works well, I can get rid of the converter boxes currently attached to my HD tv.

Groceries have been put away. Stopped at the quilt/yarn shop — NO I did not buy yarn… or even fabric.  I broke my favorite size sock needles so picked up a couple more in sizes I use alot (I think I can’t find them because they are in use already in socks in progress).  I also found these neat wooden shawl pins I couldn’t pass up.

 I couldn’t decide between the natural wood looking one and the dark aqua one so got both.  One may be a gift – or they both may be a gift to me!

We stopped at the book store too and I picked up a new sock pattern book – “Socktopus” which has a lot of neat looking pattern textures in it so I think I’ll pick one of those to start on with some of my new yarn.

And I walked out this morning to… SNOW!  That was a surprise.  Only about an inch or so which is rapidly starting to melt but it looked pretty.  Now it looks like Christmas around here.

But tasks are waiting… like getting that Hoffman pattern written and sent in first and then maybe tackling putting that chair together so I no longer have to use a dinning table chair with two cushions on it!