More yarn???! and Dec. Year of Wallhangings

Yes, I did spend the credit at Eat.Sleep.Knit today.¬† ūüôā¬† Plus, one hank of yarn would take me to the next level of their Yarnathon (a surprise goodie with my order).¬† But of course I bought more than one or two or three.¬† Then those purchases put me only 420 yards away from the next $20 gift card.¬† I don’t know if the Yarnathon continues after the end of this year so why be so close and not earn that credit on my account.¬† So ordered two additional sock yarns and have earned the $20 credit which will just have to sit on my account till the Black Friday sale¬† next year.¬† I think I have enough yarn now. LOL

I want to do some two color work on some new socks and as most of my sock yarns are multicolored, this time I got several pretty ones that read as a solid.  So they will work well with that.

Last weekend after I finished the christmas gift socks, I pulled a pair in progress out of the yarn basket.¬† They were the ones where I was knitting on both at the same time to make sure I didn’t run out of yarn — I didn’t. Finished them off last night and wore them today. Here they are.

¬† I picked up another pair from the “in progress” basket¬†¬†– one¬†with yarn that self stripes and worked on those a bit but I’m hankering to get some of that new yarn and start on a new pair.¬† I need to go through some patterns tho and¬†find a new one to try.

In the meantime, I’ve got a pattern I have to get written up this weekend for Hoffman so the¬†December Year of Wallhangings pattern will be late since I have to get this latest pattern to¬†them by Monday.¬† I post a note when I get the December pattern¬†done and¬†it’s available for download.

Tomorrow I’m off for¬†breakfast with a friend and some shopping.¬† I hope to finally find¬†the right chair to replace my sewing room one that broke.