Wreaths & Garland

My latest pattern, Wreaths & Garland is now available for sale at EQ Boutique 🙂



And more yarn arrives!

 This box arrived at the office today for me.  Hmmmm… whatever could be in it?

  Yarn of course!!!  My order from Webs.  If I leave it in a pile does it look like less than it is? 🙂  Just a “little bit” there right?  There’s some lovely colors and it’s going to be really difficult to finish off the ones in progress and not just dive into one of those new hanks.  I think there’s one ball from this group that is on backorder but that’s the end of what I had gone crazy and ordered.  There is still that store credit sitting at Eat.Sleep.Knit that I might have to use because wouldn’t it be a bother for them to carry that for a whole year when I swear off buying in 2012????

In the meantime, I picked up a pair out of the “in progress” basket and have been working on those and should get them finished over the weekend.  I’m knitting on both at once since I was afraid I might run out of yarn and wanted to run out at the same place so if I need to add solid colored toes, they’ll both end at the same time.  I think I may just be able to squeak by and have enough yarn.  But in the meantime I knit a few rows on one and then switch to the other.



I need to figure out what kind of yarn this was because it is so wonderfully soft. I lost the little tag telling what it was — but then again, I’d better not look for it or I’ll want to buy more. LOL

Last night this box also was delivered to my house (along with me). A friend at work delivered us – the tv that I won at the office party.  So this weekend I may be forced to clean the sewing room so I can figure out where I want to put it up in there!