Granny’s Hankie – Final Installment!

  The final installment has now been posted! 🙂  Only 3 days late – not bad considering all the stuff I had to get done in between.

I did alter the size of the quilt by a whole half inch! LOL  The outside border sections would have been cut something like 2-13/16ths — now I don’t know about you but I’d rather not cut a ton of strips that measurement so changing the finished size by a half inch brought it to normal measurements and saves a whole lot of time lining up the ruler repeatedly to cut those 16ths.

Now I just have to come up with the final Year of Wallhangings design.  I know what I want to do, just have to find the time to get it drawn up and written up so that may be a bit late posting and not make it in time to post on Saturday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed making this quilt.

If you’re squeemish and don’t want to read about the needle I jabbed in my foot – don’t read on. 🙂

You know how those pesky sewing needles and pins sometimes hop out of the pincushion and lay waiting on the carpet for someone to step on them?  Well last night I moved the pincushion and a needle fell.  And of course I didn’t notice and steps on the little bugger! Youch!  And to make matters worse it was on the outer back side of my heel so I couldn’t really see it and had to feel for which way it went in to pull it out.  Dang I stuck it in there good but got it out.  So after walking around in my shoes without a lot of padding on the heel for the better part of the day, finally put on my tennies which had more cushion which was better. But spent the better part of tonight with a hot towel and baggie on my foot which did the trick – it’s no longer sore and I’ve searched the floor below where the pincushion was sitting to make sure no more were lying in wait for my unsuspecting sock clad feet! 🙂  Hmmm no wonder Mom always said to wear your shoes…… least I didn’t bleed on my hand knit socks.    The carpet – well that was another story but I saw the red spot right away and got it out.  This kind of excitement I can do without.