And the yarn starts arriving

Two of the three orders I placed on Friday are already here! How’s that for super speedy service.

These lovelies came fromThe Painted Tiger.  The top one is Tiger Twist called “I’ve got the blues”, middle is Mallard  Bengal twist – I love the shades of green, bluey green, brown, olive green and peachy tan in that one.  The bottom is also Bengal twist called Blue Spruce which I got for a pattern that uses a solid and multicolor so it will go well with the Mallard.




Then from the Loopy Ewe (along with the customary tootsie rolls they enclose in the loopy groupie packages and a fun little cartoon drawn on the invoice that they are now shipping from their temporary store (which the new one is being finished) in Colorado – a little loopy elf skiing down a mountain.  Too funny.   These came:

The two on the left are Berroco ultra fine alpaca  – I wanted some solids ot use for toes and heels of some socks, the light colored one is Jitterbg by Collinette (made in Wales) in Chamois color – it’s a bit more tannish overall than the photo with gray, black and a bit of darker rusty color. It feels lovely and soft and that skinny little blue label has a basic sock pattern printed on the inside of it.

And the last is Madelinetosh Tosh Sock – the color is Georgia O’Keefe.

But in the finished category — the christmas gift socks are done.

  Finished them off last night and then picked a pair in progress to start on next.  I have one sock of the new ones I’m working on 3/4 done but I’m afraid I may run out of yarn so I had stopped on the first and started on the second sock so I can get them both to the same point and if I run out of yarn, can make the toes solid colored.  I’m just past the heel on the second sock now so have a couple inches before I’m at the same point as the first sock.


6 comments on “And the yarn starts arriving

  1. I love all the yarns that you buy!!!! It makes want to order, order, order!!!! However, even though I am an experienced knitter, my first pair of socks are now on the needles. Yikes, it is more difficult that I thought. If I could could get the hang of how to hold the needles it might be better. For me it is a challenge that I will overcome!!!!! Don’t think that I will actually join the sock a month folks. We will see if the first pair gets done!!! I am having fun though.

    • It will get easier – I struggled with the first pair too but after that it got much easier. Are you using double pointed needles? If so, just concentrate on the two you are working with and let the others hang there. It’s easier for me if the needle that holds the stitches I’m going to knit, is on top of the other two that are holding stitches. So each time I move to a new needle, I move both ends of that needle so they are resting on top of the two needles I’m not using and helps keep the other needles from messing with what I’m doing. 🙂

    • Yes I love those colors – the Bengal Twist is a bit thinner sock yarn (twisted more tightly) than many of the other types I use but it feels really nice.

  2. Wow those are amazing knitted socks. Are they hard to make? I have never knitted before. But would love to learn.

    • Thanks JoAnne. You probably don’t want to start learning to knit on socks but once you’ve mastered knitting, purling, knitting two together, and the slip slip knit stitch — all of which are basic stitches used in lots of patterns, you’ve got all the stitches to make a basic sock.

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