Loopy Ewe 4th Quarter Challenge Project

  It’s done and ahead of schedule.  Actually, I’ve had it knit for quite a while and then it sat until I got around to block it two weeks ago.  Then it sat again until today when I finally sewed the side seams and added the two buttons on the back.  It’s from the Fiona’s Top pattern on Ravelry.  A quick and easy little lacy knit top.  Wouldn’t it be cute with a pink turtle neck and leggings?  It’s for a 2 year old daughter of a friend of mine.  She’ll be so cute.  The yarn is Tosh Light Iris from The Loopy Ewe.  For the 4th quarter challenge you had to use at least one skein in whatever project you made.  This used just over one and the pink was also from Loopy Ewe, left over from one of my Camp Loopy projects this summer.  Can’t wait to give it to her Mom.


The rest of the day so far has been spent cleaning, doing laundry, putting away some summer clothes so I have room to pull out the winter ones – which I still haven’t done yet and I’m going to be needing those!  Put out the rest of the Christmas decorations — just part of my santa collection near the little tree, and laundry.

Have a little bit of the living room to straighten up yet but think I need a coffee break first and a little snack to tide me over until dinner — baked chicken breasts smothered in mushrooms and mushroom soup, baked potato and fresh green beans. Yum – just the thought is making me hungry.  And while I’m in the kitchen I may mix up a batch of Mexican Wedding Cake cookies – a favorite of a friend so I’ll have to take some into work.  But not in the actual rolling and baking mood so will mix them up and stick them in the fridge to bake one night this week.

Then I can spend the evening knitting – hoping to get those christmas gift socks finished tonight. I would have been farther along but I sort of fell asleep knitting in the wee hours of the morning and realized I had dropped a stitch about 10 rows back so had to do some ripping back.

But finally most of the chores I’ve been neglecting for a while are done — oops got to go remake the bed since I stripped it before I forget.  Busy busy busy here.