Moving right along

I’m now sufficiently coffeed up — that new latte mug holds a lot.  But that kept me going and the pattern I wanted to get finished this weekend is now done – except for a final proof tomorrow with a fresh eye.  Whew!  It went much quicker than I expected (or I did buzzing along on that coffee).

So now perhaps a little time to knit before I decide on some dinner and  pull out the ornaments to finish decorating the little tree.

I keep forgetting to post this photo.  I think it’s really neat.

It’s the moon from one night this past week.  I noticed it as I was coming home shining through some low clouds so it was only about 6 p.m. It actually is in focus – the clouds were just distorting it.  It doesn’t show quite as much in the photo but the clouds around it made an orangish halo.  Very eerie looking. 🙂



Christmas shopping is done!

A friend and I headed out for breakfast at 8 this morning, stopped at the German bakery – most disappointing since this was the first year I can remember where they didn’t have all their christmas cookies available for taste testing. Darn!  But some great bread came home with me nonetheless and also a sweet treat.  Next weekend they start their buy one bag of cookies (they are little cellephane bags of a dozen or two cookies in each) and get one free so we may have to go back and check the selection out then.  The dark chocolate covered butter cookies are my absolute favorites.

I had three presents to buy and knew what shops I “might” find them in.  And I found what I wanted at each of those stores…. plus … well plus a couple extra things.  The only extras I bought at the quilt shop were some more spray adhesive to layer small projects with, a large refill of Best Press, and some rinseless soap that I can’t remember the name of for knit items.  Everything else I bought there was for a gift. AND this quilt store also has lots of lovely yarns but I did not even glance over into that area. LOL

We stopped at the Boston Store since my friend needed to get one of her gifts there.  I found a little 3-D star that will be perfect to use for the topper of the little christmas tree I’m setting up this year.  I didn’t want to have to dig thru all the ornaments for the big tree since I’m not putting that one up this year to find the topper I usually use and found the perfect thing.  Also got a nice big latte mug (since none of my cups hold enough at home) – in the Fiestaware christmas line – white mug with christmas lights on it – very cute and nice heavy mug so it will keep the coffee hot.  So many of those large hoiday mugs are made of that thinner ceramic that chips easily and doesn’t hold the heat in so this one was perfect – especially since it was on sale.  I may soon have to make myself a latte and try it out – I’m ready for a coffee break.  That shopping is exhausting! LOL  But actually we got in and out of places pretty quickly.

Then we finished up at the grocery store so I’m all set.  Cleaned out the fridge when I got home, wiped it out, restocked it.  So after a bit of coffee break, I’ll finish setting up the little christmas tree.  I set it up last night, fluffed it’s branches and put some garland I had about on it so just need to put the box of tiny ornaments on it and the topper.  Then back to a bit of pattern writing I need to get finished for Hoffman California — and it’s even timely since the fabric collection I’m working on the pattern for is a Christmas design – for next year’s fabric.

I also have to figure out which closet I stuck the wrapping paper in the back of – no rest for the wicked. 🙂