Confession Time

Have you seen the 12 in 2012 Challenge (button on sidebar).  Yep the one where in 2012 the challenge is to complete 12 pairs of socks during 2012 AND not buy any new yarn.  Yeah – that not buying any new yarn – who came up that that plan. 🙂

Well some of my bonus money has been calling to me to be spent on yarn.  For month’s now it’s been plotting and planning that once I had it in my hands, I deserved a treat of new yarn.  Soooo…. yeah you know this is going to be bad.  LOL

Painted Tiger had in stock a color that I just love and is always sold out every time I look for it.  Well it was in stock – I had to buy it. And you can’t just buy one hank of sock yarn.  I think there’s some mandatory law (at least in my brain that you must buy at least 3) plus there’s free shipping this month.  Order placed.

Then… yes it gets worse.  I had a credit on my account at Loopy Ewe……I couldn’t let that just sit there for a whole year!  Yep –order placed.

And then — oh yeah — major confession time.  I’ve been drooling over several different types of sock yarn at Webbs.  They have a great discount – which gets even better depending on how much you order.  I was SAVING money by buying more and ended up with between $4 and $6 off per hank.   How could anyone resist that.  I didn’t.

But, it isn’t 2012 yet so all is good. I haven’t broken my own challenge rules…. yet…… but I may have to knit 12 pairs of socks PER MONTH!

Denise … who is waiting for all those lovely yarns to start arriving next week…..



Thanks to Kim who alerted me to a problem with the November Granny’s Hankie instructions.  I have loaded a new file showing the correction to both the Granny’s Hankie page and the Errata page.  If you want to just mark your copy, for the four blocks that go in the corners of the borders, the  directions for the light square say to cut four 4.5″ squares.  They actually need to be 5.75″ squares in order for the intersection to meet properly.

Sorry for the error.

Also, Granny’s Hankie December installment will be late. It was due to be posted this weekend but things have been crazy here and it’s not written up yet.  I’ll get it posted as soon as I can but I’ve got some other deadlines I have to meet first (the paying jobs take priority).  I’ll post a note when it is ready.