More sock yarn… and other stuff

My order from discountedbrandnameyarns arrived earlier this week.¬† Here’s the latest sock yarns to be added to the stash. ūüôā

I really like the one on the¬†left – it’s called Spring¬†Frost – blues and grays and just a hint of mauvey tones.¬† Heck I like them all but that’s my favorite of the three.¬† Thank goodness the¬† moratorium on buying yarn doesn’t start until the first of the year since I just got a sales notice and some yarn I’ve been drooling over has gone on sale so there just might be one¬†more box of yarn headed my way.¬† But if your a sock knitter¬†– be sure to check out the 12 in 2012 challenge button on the sidebar.¬† There’s a good number of knitters who will be joining in the challenge.

Today was the office¬†Holiday so after as crazy busy as the last couple of weeks have been, it was great to head out of the office for the afternoon for hors de ouvres, cocktails followed by a delicious lunch and relax for a bit.¬† I’ve been at the law firm 25 years so it was longevity bonus time and there were prize giveaways.¬† Everthing from two rosebowl tickets and airfare (the local WI Badgers are playing) to TVs, those nifty Krupps¬†single cup coffee makers, Ipad, restaurant gift certificates, etc.¬† I’ve never won anything all the years they’ve been doing the drawings and this year my name was drawn first! Sacriledge as it is to say I’m not a football or badger fan, I passed up the tickets (which the second winner who is a big fan won and was very happy I passed them up) and I shall have a new¬†big¬†flat screen tv for my sewing room!¬† It was a great day!¬†So I think some of that¬†christmas bonus and longevity bonus just might have to buy some of that sale yarn as a Merry Christmas to me gift. ūüôā

EQ Boutique has just¬†added my latest pattern available for sale — Deck the Halls.

There should be a new Christmas one added in a few days.