How to add the 12 in 2012 button to your blog

I by no means profess to really know what I’m doing but I’ve learned to make a button on wordpress through trial and error and asking a few more tech savy friends.

Will this work on your blog or website – maybe. 🙂 But if you don’t use WordPress, possibly not.

   First, right click on the image at left and save it to your own computer.

One of the choices on my WordPress Dashbar is to “add new media”.  Add the image to your media (where photos, videos, etc. get stored).  Once it’s added it will show you the path for where it is saved — something similar to the second underlined text in the pasted info below except it will refer to your blog where it is saved.

Next I go to Widgets on the Dashboard and create a new Text widget.   Click on Text in the widget list and drag a new one over to your sidebar (course you must be using a blog format that includes using widgets).  Put it in your sidebar where ever you want it to appear.  Click on the litle arrow to open a blank box to create the widget.   Paste this text into the Widget creation space.

<p align=”center”><a href=””><img src=”” width=”128″ height=”128″ /></a>

The second underlined text portion that ends with .jpg you should delete and paste in the path to where you saved the photo on your blog.  Make sure you do not delete the quotation marks at each end.   Save the widget and close it and it “should” appear.

I have not frittered away the whole day – I’ve spent most of the afternoon knitting since there was not a good pair of socks to finish off for a friend of mine for Christmas.  Most were started for me so would be too big and the smaller ones I’ve already promised to my sister.  So I pulled out some yarn and got started on the gift pair.




Stash report

Heck I’ve got nothing to report.  I need to find the thumb drive with my original stash report from the old computer and update it.  But haven’t located it yet but I’ve been keeping an additional tally so when I find it I can update the totals — before the end of the year hopefully.  But there wasn’t any sewing this week.  I spent most of yesterday on some designs in EQ so never did pull the sewing machine out.

As to some of the questions posted about the 12 in 2012 challenge – the challenge police will not be showing up at your door to make sure you followed the rules.  It’s a personal challenge (and of course I coerced friend Judy into it too) to make 12 pairs of socks, to not buy any more yarn (with the two exceptions noted that I know both Judy and I will want to take advantage of).  That doesn’t mean I won’t be working on the many other shawls, scarves and sweaters in progress, or starting new projects with other yarn from the stash, but my challenge goal will be those 12 pairs of socks.

I was digging through the box of single socks and basket of socks on needles to be finished.  I could easily get 12 pair just by finishing all those but there’s always other yarns in the stash that call out to me to knit them into socks and new patterns I’ve been wanting to try.

Now I have to go back and dig through those partially completed socks. I need a pair for a friend for Christmas so have to see if there’s something already started that I can finish off that will work or if I need to start casting on a brand new pair for her.

It’s a dreary rainy cold day here so watching movies and knitting all afternoon sounds like the perfect plan!