And the fun continues….

I came home and spied a little box sitting outside my door. Hmm….. I’m not expecting anything.

     I forgot these were coming – the coveted 100 blocks mug with all the blocks on it.  Very cool.  Now I probably won’t were the button pinned to my lapel out and about town 🙂 but it will have a place of honor on the bulletin board in my sewing room.  And if I ever need to trace about 6″ circles, I’ve got the perfect thing to use to trace them from.



6 comments on “And the fun continues….

  1. Congradulations on getting your block in the top 100, I really enjoy the work that you do. Fantastic, keep them coming. Patricia in Alberta, Canada

    • Lisa – if you enter the 100 Blocks contests listed on Quiltmaker some days they are giving away a mug, but otherwise they only go to the people who had a block in the magazine.

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