Design Wall Monday – 11/28/2011

  Wreaths & Garland is what’s up on the design wall currently.  I’ve been working on the pieced border blocks  — getting all the pieces ready before setting it all together.

One Garland border section is complete, so I’ve just go to finish trimming  corners on the other blocks so I can get the all stitched together.  And need to get the plain borders cut so everything will be ready to stitch together.  I’d hoped to get it assembled today but since it’s the last day of vacation for me, I may need to actually clean up some of the mess I’ve made and do some laundry so I have something to wear to work tomorrow!  Then again – there has to be something in that closet so I may just sew! 🙂

Here’s what one of the garland borders looks like.


As I was digging through the stash looking for fabrics for this quilt (yep they all came from the stash!) I came across this lovely poinsettia print that I bought on sale at the end of the season last year.  The colors are actually much deeper and richer than the photo shows – I just love this fabric.  It think I may use it for the final outside border on this quilt.

  The pattern for Wreaths & Garland was sent off to EQ today.  So I’ll post when they have done their “stuff” with it and it is available for sale.  It’s super easy piecing and I think just one of the wreath blocks would make a lovely table topper.  Put a pretty pillar candle in the center of it and it would be a great centerpiece for anyone’s table.

   So I may just have to make a few more blocks for a table topper and then debate whether I give it as a gift or keep it for myself!




I didn’t get as much sewing done as I wanted yesterday because I was busy getting another pattern ready for EQ Boutique.  Deck the Halls will be available there soon too.

  Those who know me will wonder at the “pinky” shades in this quilt since they know I have an aversion to pink. LOL  Don’t know that I would make it in pinks for myself but I like the frosty look it gives this design.

If you’ve been wondering about what EQ Boutique is all about – I added a page in the right side bar that has some screen shots and information about it — or check out their website for more info on how it works.  It’s the only place you’ll find my patterns for sale and if you’ve missed out on some of the BOM or other free patterns that are no longer available on my blog, you just may find them there.  New ones are being added all the time by all the EQ Boutique designers.

Now, I haven’t had anything but coffee to sustain me so far and those sweet rolls I made yesterday are calling to me.  (I did taste test one yesterday and they are delicious!).

Oh – and I also updated the GH (Granny’s Hankie BOM) readers page with some photos I hadn’t gotten added previously of blocks made by blog readers.  There are going to be some stunning quilts from that design as the photo show so check them out.

Denise… who’s wishing she had scheduled off a few more vacation days!!


A treat

Yep – decided when making bread that I’d also make a treat so no boring white or wheat or rye bread but instead a loaf of cinnamon raisin and a pan of sweet rolls, which are swimming in icing (they were still a bit too warm when I drizzled it on).  So now I’m just waiting for them to cool enough for a taste test!

Got the corners on all the border blocks for Wreaths & Garland so now to sit and trim the excess layers so I can get the other three border strips finished off.  I may get them all finished off tonight yet …. or not. 🙂

One more day of vacation tomorrow so I might have to think about doing some boring stuff like laundry… or not…

The Lights are hung

Why does putting up outdoor lights take so long?  Could it be that I always put up the first string and then realize I didn’t leave enough room for it to reach to the outlet.?? Actually I had them plugged in but not plugged in to the timer which required more room.  So many trips up and down the little two step stepstool and finally, six sets of icicles are hung and there’s a lighted garland with pinecones on it hung over the door.  The good thing – the little white lights in the garland and the icicles and two neat 3-D stars I hung all are compatible with each other — a problem I’ve had in past years where you couldn’t plug them in all together.  So now to wait until dark, which comes way too early anyway, to see how they look.  The apartment complex holds a little contest for decorating patio or deck which I won once in the past – so will have to let them know I’m in the running this year.  The prize – various amounts of rent credit – who couldn’t use that! 🙂

I also cleaned up the rest of the flower pots I had outside and brought them in and brought in my peacock metal scultpure, who is guarding the sewing room, so all the outdoor summer stuff has been put away for the winter.  I just need to move the bird feeders to their winter location – rather than out in the open I move them to the side of my patio where there is still deck above them — a little protection for the birds and I don’t have to brave snowbanks later on to refill them. So that’s been my mornign – and early afternoon.  And of course now there’s more clutter about from pulling the decoration boxes out of the closet and digging through them.

Since I’ve made a mess, I might as well continue and figure out how to rearrange the living room to set the christmas tree up so I can put the closet back in order too.

 First I have to do some yarn winding.  See all that yarn on the arm of the chair – well it was knit into that shawl.  Then I discovered a mistake. Drat! ripped out about 4 inches or so.  Oh well, I’ll get my mileage out of that yarn but hope not to be doing any more reknitting.

Okay – enough coffee break.  Think I’ll go start some bread while I contemplate rearranging the living room.

Holiday Fun

Well I puttered with a bunch of stuff accomplishing not a lot and the rain slowed to a drizzle so I decided to venture out to do an errand – top of the list – buy soda.  I can live without coffee for a while if I have to but no soda in the house – oh the horror.  I also wanted to buy some new lights to hang outside since they were on sale.  Lights have a hard time surviving the winter outside.  Even tho they are outdoor ones, the cold really does them in.  Last year I had lovely icicle lights hanging from the deck above my door. The kind that hang down in shorter and longer separate lengths.  Well the winds blew them around so much and they were so frozen from the cold that I think the wires inside must have taken a beating and they died out and individual lights broke so they hit the trash at the end of the year.  Plus it’s hard to get them to hang down nicely when you are putting them up in freezing weather — those plastic cords seem to free into place and not give.

Today, if it weren’t raining, would be a perfect day to put them out.  I actually have the door cracked open to let in some fresh air since it’s so warm out (okay warm for Wisconsin for this time of year) and I would be able to put them up without freezing fingers and just wearing a sweatshirt.  But alas it started raining again so I’m hoping it will be warm tomorrow – hence part of my excursion to the store.

  I now have a different kind of icicle light – they look like indivdual icicles instead of just the little white lights hanging down on cords.  I don’t know how they will fair but I think they will be really pretty once I get them up.  Oh and that little tinsel tree with the bright colored glass baubles on it — heck I couldn’t pass that up.  It will be cute either on the end of my kitchen breakfast bar or maybe on my desk at work – definitely an impulse buy but a cute one.   I got a new timer for the lights to put outside so no more fumbling with the door key when I get home in the dark since the lights will have turned themselves on at dusk – which is good since yet again I forgot to pick up a new light bulb for the outside light.

These were another impulse buy but they were just too cute.  Skaters all decked out in their litle knitted outfits and felt pants witih wooden skates.  I got one of each color and appears I have three girls and one boy.  How do I know – shame on you I have not been peeking under those pants!! 🙂  The girls have little braids sticking out of their hats and of course the boy is in blue.  They would look cute on packages but I may just send one or two out to friends who I know are knitters just for fun.

Since I need to pull the winter clothes out of storage in the back of the closet, I may drag out the tree which is also in the back of that closet and set it up tomorrow.  It’s prelit, so may just enjoy it for a week or two with just the lights before I get around to decorating it.  But I’ve got to rearrange furniture in the living room first for a place to put it so we’ll see how ambitious I am tomorrow.

In the meantime, – finally on to making those border blocks for the quilt.  Time to get down to some serious sewing!

Juststuff, a Mystery, and a Sale

Had to think hard this morning as to what day of the week it is. 🙂  The weekend – and 4 more days before I go back to work.  So what to do today?  I sat and knit on a shawl for a bit this morning, sipping my coffee, and finally decided to get dressed and maybe go run some errands.  It looked through the blinds on the door that it might be a bit gloomy out and when I opened the door it was pouring.  Yep, a bit gloomy – the errands can wait.

I’ve gotten several emails asking if there will be a new Block of the Month project next year. – Yep, of course, but I’ve decided it will be a mystery project this time.  It will be called the “LHS Mystery” — and no you don’t get to know what LHS stands for until we are all done – that would give things away so don’t even bother guessing cause I won’t tell ya. 🙂    It will be pieced with no applique and is beginner friendly.  (Now friend Janet P is gasping thinking – dang prior pieced BOM/mysteries I have done have had lots of those dreaded HSTs to make) She will be pleased to know that I’m working and changing/tweaking things in the design to keep them to a bare minimum since I don’t like making them much either.  🙂  It will be presented in a BOM format  but instead of making complete blocks each month, you’ll be sewing various steps of the quilt.  More information will be coming at a later date regarding yardage, start date, when each month’s info will be posted — so stay tuned.

So I’m warming up some muffins for a late breakfast and will start stitching on the pieced border blocks for Wreaths & Garland but first some cutting since I just realized I cut everything but those pieces.  I’ve gotten emails asking if I will be posting the pattern for Wreaths & Garland on the blog.  No – but it will be available for sale at EQ Boutique.   Speaking of sale — EQ Boutique has 10% off till the end of the but have a weekend sale going on right now for 20%.  See the ad and necessary code at end of blog.  Remember you don’t need to have EQ software in order to use the blocks/patterns available for sale at EQ Boutique.


Stitching and shopping

Well I said I wasn’t going to venture out to the stores today but I did do a little online shopping.  Eat Sleep Knit was having a black friday sale.  I had gotten the email annoucing it yesterday  – after you check out you get a random surprise 10% to 100% off what you purchased -.and then sort of forgot about it until I read friend Judy’s post that she had shopped the sale.  Well, the lure of maybe getting a 100% off – wouldn’t that be great.  And I needed to buy a bit more in order to reach the 5K level in their Yarnathon and earn a $20 store credit.  Since the Yarnathon only goes to the end of the year and I was so close to the next level it would have been wasteful not to buy more right??   So I bought several hanks of yarn, completed the order and got 15% off.  Not bad.

Then  friend Judy who leads me astray in yarn shopping land from time to time (okay I tell her about good things I find too so it’s a mutual enabler sort of thing!) LOL – anyway read her second post of how she had gotten her store credit and placed a second order.  Duh, I hadn’t thought about using my store credit AND getting a random discount – BONUS!!  So I had to go back and place a second order for a bit more yarn and some needles with large eyes for burying threads since mine seem to keep disappearing.  10% discount on those.   And while I was on a roll, I headed over to to check out their black friday sale.  I’ve never ordered from them before so decided to try it out since after registering on their site I got a new customer 10% discount.  So a couple Cherry Tree sock yarns were ordered.  I’ve bought them before so I’m not really worried about the quality and they were half their normal price before the discount so some pretty cheap socks.

I may have to enter a twelve step program to stop buying yarn.  But much like my stashbusting, which is behind schedule so far, I’m not sure I would do much better with yarn busting.  But I definitely need to get going on some socks since I’ve got plenty of yarn for those.  So I’m anxiously awaiting my purchases.  Eat Sleep Knit is so speedy – the last stuff I ordered from them I got an email an hour after ordering with a tracking number for the shipment.  This morning, despite their big sale was no different – they are super speedy.  The only disappointing thing was all three patterns I had looked at on their site previously were all sold out by the time I got to ordering. SOB! and that dang Judy has one of them on her list of things to make.   Hmmmm….. did she already have it or did she snag the last one before I got there???? ROFLOL

So when I finally finished shopping, I did get back to stitching (and baking some muffins earlier in the morning).

All the blocks for the wreaths are now stitched and on the design wall so I can start stitching rows together tomorrow.  The fabrics look better i person – this trying to take a photo in the dark is getting really old.  A new camera is definitely on my list of christmas shopping for me!

I’ve been sitting at the computer or sewing machine all day and time to get comfy and knit for a while.

Hey – I just looked at this photo after this post posted and dang there’s a block turned cockeyed!  Got to go fix that right away or I’ll forget by tomorrow.


One Wreath Pieced

or nearly done. Need to stitch the final seams to join the sections but I’m done sewing for tonight.

  I like the way it turned out.  I have stacks of pieces cut from strip sets all ready to finish the rest so should be pretty quick sewing to finish stitching the stacks into blocks. Still need to cut the borders but that will wait until tomorrow too.  Time to go have dessert – which I was going to get earlier but then wanted to get just a few more pieces stitched – you know how it goes, once all the pieces were ready – well then I had to stitch one complete wreath to check it out. 🙂

So time to put on some jammies, grab some pie and coffee, settle in a comfy chair and see what I can find on tv to keep me entertained while I knit.

Watching the news which is now showing the people out waiting in lines to shop tonight makes me really glad that my family doesn’t give each other gifts any more!  We draw names like we used to but then we each pick a charity to donate to in that persons name.  Plus with everyone in the family  spread across the country the postage costs were just too costly to be mailing out all the gifts.  Then closer to christmas we all email  who or what we donated to.  So I’ll wait until after the crazy rush tomorrow before I venture into a store to do what shopping I need to do.  But I am still contemplating the fabric store tomorrow but only if the batting and thread I want is really on sale – got the flyer in the mail so still have to check that out.  Otherwise I’ve got plenty to keep me busy without venturing into that madness. 🙂

Stop – forget that

another change of plan in the wreath quilt pattern – back to one red.  One of the reds I had planned to used is a “bleeder” even after two trips through the wash cycle so no way am I going to use that – it’s hit the trash.  I was afraid it would be since I know it was a cheaper chain store fabric and they can be a bit iffy on the colorfastness compared to other fabrics.  So back to the stash I went to try to figure out what to do and found a red fabric in with the christmas fabrics I hadn’t noticed the first time around.  It’s washed and cut and doesn’t bleed! and there’s a lot of it so I can use it for all the red.

Here’s the fabrics I’m using.

  I’m still using two different greens for the lightest shades since I really like the way that adds a bit more interest to the design.  The red has just a little bit of gold glitz  in it which goes well with the medium green that is gold glitz snowflakes and the stars in the red are the same color as my background (which also has a little gold glitz in it) – creamy rather than yellowy so I think it was all meant to be.

I’ve got the majority of the strip sets sewn and cut into their sections –  just a couple more strip sets to sew and cut and I’ll have all the pieces for the wreaths ready to assemble into blocks.

The drizzle stopped and it actually warmed up somewhat and tho overcast turned out to be a nice day for this time of year.  I ate dinner about 3 and then went out for a walk – a bit windy but not bad at all.  But now I’m thinking it might be time to make a fresh pot of coffee before getting back to sewing.


Happy Thanksgiving!

A day to be thankful for all those blessings, most importantly family and friends.   It’s a dreary thanksgiving day here – drizzly and cold but I’m thankful for that too — at least it’s not snow! LOL

How do you like the Pinfeathers wreath? EQ is so great for making quilts but I also use designs like this to print out on greeting card blanks for one of a kind cards for the family.  Now did I remember to print out ones to send for Thanksgiving this year – heck no but I may file this one away for next year.

One year for a Christmas gift for my Mom I printed a bunch of cards from photographs I had taken and various quilt designs on the front.  They were blank inside so they could be used for any occasion.  Made a great gift but be sure to lay in a new supply of ink since it does suck the ink if you are printing batches of them.

I did a bit more tweaking on this design – which I’ve finally given the name the not too imaginative name “Wreaths and Garland”.     I pulled fabrics from the stash but don’t have enough of any one red so have changed the garland border to use two colors and altered the colors in the “holly berries” in the wreaths.  I also didn’t have enough of the lightest green I wanted to use but I was torn between two of them so using both and alternating them works too and I think it adds more interest to the design.  So I think I’ve got all my fabrics chosen  and the reds are in the wash.  So after I mix up some “stuffing” to put in the oven later, I’ll clear off my table, plug in a moving and get cutting on this quilt.

  The camera is still letting me eek out a photo or two (I contemplated for a moment hitting the Black Friday sales to find a new one tomorrow – but only for a minute – I hate shopping and no way no how am setting foot in one of those busy stores) but gasp! I may have to actually head to the fabric store tomorrow for thread, etc. but it will be a one stop destination and then I’m getting the heck out of there – if I’m in the mood to face the crowds.

Anyway — here’s the shawl I started on last night (and restarted and restarted since I was reading the directions wrong).

 It’s out of the Denim Traveler yarn from Sanguine Gryphon I recently got.   The pattern is actually easy if you pay attention and stop skipping a line of instructions. LOL  But now I have it memorized so I’m good to go.  It has a great  little bobble stitch edging on it tha adds a neat texture to a really simple design. The pattern is called Petra Shawl by Angela Tong and is in the Winter Knitscene issue.  And I like the neat little “split” area on the bottom (that’s the bottom and you work your way to the top so can make it as long as you want).  This one will be to accessorize a pretty silk blouse I have – just to add a bit of color.

Okay – time to go start mixing up that stuffing and make myself a piece of toast – dang it’s after lunch time and I haven’t had lunch or breakfast but think I’ll just tied myself over with the toast and put the cornish hen and stuffing in the oven and eat late afternoon when it’s done.


Cluttering or Cleaning?

  From this photo it’s a toss up as to which of those I’m doing but really I’m cleaning.  That basket had been piled with quilt magazines, knitting magazines, quilting and knitting printouts from the web, my own pattern drafts, some in final, etc. Plus I had a couple piles of all those things on the breakfast bar and in the sewing room.  So I gathered them up – one pile is junk, one EQ Boutique stuff I need to organize, large pile of knitting patterns that are now all in plastic sheet protectors to put into binders, and a pile of papers for the recycling bin.  The floor is now clean.  The basket however is not empty.  It still holds just the quilt magazines that I need to go through to see if there’s any I want to keep and then the rest will hit the recycling bin too.  But I’ll save that for another day.

I just need to organize all the knitting patterns into sections as I put them in the binders – hats, scarves, shawls, mittens, sweaters, etc. so it will be easier to find what I need.  And I finally found a couple of the sock patterns I need that I have made one sock from so need them in order to make the mate!  This is a good thing that they have been found.   So it is a job well done.

There’s still a stack of quilting magazines on the sewing room bookshelf to toss in the basket and some evening I’ll sort through them.  I mostly keep the actual machine quilting design ideas rather than quilt patterns so will spend some night pulling out what I want to keep for ideas.

While sorting all that stuff I did also manage to make these.

The two small ones will go in the freezer and since I’m not having company for Thanksgiving or having anyone in, there was nothing to stop me from cutting into that big one this afternoon for a taste test. Yum.  I needed that coffee break – especially since coffee was all I had had all day.  The little one in the back looks a bit odd since I over filled it and had to dump a bit of filling out – hence the dark crust.

And I managed to get a few more photos with the dying camera (yes had to turn the lights off to do so) LOL but

here’s the finished mittens

         I did think about trying to get the color shading to line up in the same places on the second mitten but decided I didn’t really care so they are “striped” a bit different but I like them.

Also got a picture of the shawlette/scarf to go with my coat.  It hasn’t been blocked yet and needs to be stretched out a bit bigger as it is blocked but here it is without any threads buried yet.



 And here’s the recent yarn purchases.  They are all Sanguine Gryphon yarns – some Bugga (the multicolored one is called Smiley Faced Spider – too funny) and some of their other dk weights.  I may make some more scarfs using two different yarns out of the Smiley Face Spider – it would look good combined with the the red and also the brown.  The blue I may make into a cowl.

So once I get the rest of the patterns put away, I’m headed to the stash to check for some fabrics for a new quilt and will wind some of this yarn so I have something to knit on later tonight (not that there aren’t several things in progress I could pick up) 🙂 and finally find something to eat.  But all in all, a productive day so far and things are looking much tider in my living room and kitchen.

OH and many people have written they were unable to download the Nov. Granny’s Hankie pattern.  Try again later.  WordPress has been having some kind of issue the past couple of days.  Those who were unable to download when they first tried have gotten it later and everytime I click on it it works fine.  Sorry but I can’t do anything if you get the error code.  Just try, try again. 🙂