Friday!!! Yeah!!

Ah .. the weekend.  I had thought about taking today off since both my attorneys were out but looked yesterday at all the paper on my desk and decided I’d see if I couldn’t get rid of some of it before my desk collapsed!  I did so it was nice finally getting some of that cleared away without any interruptions.

But I’m so glad it’s the weekend!  Made a quick dash into the grocery store on the way home (between the rain drops) and picked up a few supplies and now I’m just decided what I want to do first.  I really want to sew on Straight to the Point — here’s the final image with the new corner blocks added.

  But I need to go shopping for more fabric but I may get the little borders added to the center once I decide what colors I want to make them.

I did start on the second sock (yep actually a mate to one already made)  of the brown tumbling blocks sock so have a good start on that and I’m nearly done with the blue sock with the colorwork on it – down to the toe.  And I think I’ve decided what shawlette pattern I want to use for the yarn I got to go with the new coat (which I’m sending back but it will go with some coat) so I need to get that yarn wound into balls.

So the weekend plans are some knitting, some quilting, maybe some work on a new pattern, and there’s some cleaning to do which I’m not too excited about but need to switch the summer clothes for the cooler weather ones.  I hate that job.  And it’s about time to bring in the outdoor furniture and find a place to store it.  We’ll see how much I really get accomplished since I loaded some new books on my Nook too and the one I’ve been reading has kept me entertained so for tonight I may just make a sandwich and sit and read.

I also found at my door tonight the advance copies of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks newest issue that goes on sale next month so I’ve got that to look through too.  Be sure to check back on Nov. 7, my day on the blog tour, for a chance to win a free copy of the magazine. 🙂


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  1. I hate to shop and have found the same problems in stores and online: not the right color/fit and (since you have seen me) I am one that has to shorten everything, lol. I like the quilt and the corner point kind-of *finishes* it. Much better than the blank block, I think (not that you asked). I acquired a Kindle, but I prefer my books on my iPod so I can sew while I *read*. Not enough time left in my life to sew all that I want to! I am looking forward to the 100 Blocks magazine. I haven’t missed one, yet!

    • Yes I think the block in the corner finishes it nicely too. I listen to a lot of books on tape or cd too when I’m sewing. The Nook is nice for on the bus since in the mornings when it’s darker now, the lights on the bus are not very bright and usually on only over one side of the seats (not sure if the rest of us on the “dark” side are supposed to be sleeping??) LOL I also discovered it works really well when the power goes out – lights the way nicely. You and I may have to collaborate – what you cut off your pants, I can add to the bottom of mine!

  2. Denise, I really like the final image of Straight to the Point, very striking! Sorry you have to go through all that packing up and sending back of your coat and clothes, my hubby is tall and has the same problem you do, so I sympathize with you. I am so looking forward to the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks issue to hit the stands, oh, and for a chance to win a copy, yay! You enjoy your weekend, sounds like another full one, as usual.

    • Thanks Betsy – I do like the final version. Always takes a bit of playing with blocks to get the one layout where I decide – that’s the one!

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