Mysterious delivery

It’s that time of year – zuchinni mysteriously showing up on your doorstep and you don’t know who put it there! 🙂  I walked out this morning and there was a nice large one on my patio table. Actually, I think I know which neighbor left it – they have shared their garden produce in the past.  So now I just have to figure out what I want to make with it.  In the meantime, I decided it was time to clear some of the surplus bananas out of the freezer so they stop falling out at me every time I open the door so they are thawing out for banana bread.

I also have to do something with a bunch of peaches I was given.  They’re not quite ripe yet so will have to check them tomorrow.  Since peach pie is my favorite….hmmmm wonder what I’ll make.

But most of the day was spent doing some cleaning around here. Just need to clean off the breakfast bar and the kitchen will be done.  I did make some progress on the shawl I started last night.

  It will be my shawl of many colors – I’m going to do sections of different yarns so I need to find the next one I want to add.  This yarn is a Tiger Twist from The Painted Tiger and the color is called Marooned – a pretty brownish maroon tinged color.  I love the colors of her yarns. I think some multicolored fall toned yarn will get added next.

Time to get that banana bread made and then I think I’ll cut out the last two ice cream cones I need to applique.

Oh and if you are participating in the cupcake block swap – don’t forget your blocks need to reach me by the end of the month.  Packages are rolling in each day.  I’ll post a list in a day or two of all the ones I’ve received so far – need to find my original list of swappers first.




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  1. you could make some smoothies or some freezer jam. strawberry and peaches make a great jam. banana and yogurt and other fruit [canned works] I use pineapple ,tropical. makes a great smoothie and what you don’t drink, put in the freezer and you have guilt free ice cream.. Love it..

    • I’m not really a fan of smoothies or peach jam…. but peach pie…. that’s a different story!

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