Top done

 Found fabrics in the stash for the borders so this top is now done.  A couple people have emailed asking about the pattern.  It’s one I did for Hoffman Fabrics last year using the actual prints that are in the center of the quilt (Indian Summer Collection)  tho my background is different.  The only difference is this quilt the blocks are not set on point like in the original design.  I didn’t have enough fabrics to make the setting sections for the on point design so just laid the blocks out in straight rows making as many blocks as I had fabric scraps for..  It’s available on their website – Indian Summer – Autumn Ripples pattern.  And you can find a link to it on my Hoffman design page.

They also now have posted the Running Wild pattern using the Wild Beat Collection which I designed.


Stashbusing report

Well I used 3 yards since last report but then I bought 5 yards yesterday so not exactly making progress here (but having fun anyway).

 Here’s one of the fat quarters I bought yesterday.  I really like this one. Notice some of the deer have a wreath around their necks.  So I imported the fabric into EQ and roughly traced the deer.

Below is a general idea of what I plan to do.  The stuff around the neck of the deer is just to give the impression of a wreath there.  One of the fat quarters I bought has flower and ornament clusters that I think I will fussy cut and fuse to make the wreath.  I was all ready to get started on this and then realized (1) I forgot to buy printer ink and the printer is bone dry and (2) not a scrap of fusible in the place.  So will have to wait to start on this one.

I did find the right shade of blue in the stash, along with some other fabrics I could probably add in with these so am still deciding what the final look will be.  One of the ideas I had was to make it larger and repeat a similar star block in the borders.

Below is what that looks like.  I’m not thrilled with it yet and will do some more playing with it but and not sure I want to make it that large.  I think I’ll probably make the center and then decide what I want to do from there.

But time to get busy on a few other things since it’s the last day of my vacation — which has been great except for these allergies which have really slowed me down the last couple of days.