A Little bit of shopping….

Yes there was a  stop at the local quilt shop this morning.  Little did I know there was a shop hop going on but I hit it at a time when they weren’t too busy.  I was looking for a border fabric for the fall quilt I was working on yesterday but didn’t see anything that caught my eye and since I love fall colors and have a lot of them,  I’m sure there’s something in the stash that will work for the borders.

What did catch my eye however was a new christmas fabric line.  Seriously I do not need to be buying more christgmas fabric.  There is more than an entire shelf of it in my stash but I love the not so traditional looking ones.  Even tho it is red and green, it’s very limey and on a black background.  I love the color combination with that odd shade of blue.

 The one that looks like beads on a string is the print that caught my eye first and then decided what the heck – I’ll buy the other fat quarters too.  And I really like the deer print.  The limey green fat quarter is off in color in the photo but it’s a pretty shade and I think I have some of that odd shade of blue in the stash that might work with them.  Below it all is a light background I got to use with them that’s the same shade as the lightest beigy/gray beads.  Those dark colors should really pop against it.  Now I just have to figure out a design for them.  Perhaps time to work on a little Christmas in July project before July ends. 🙂

This LQS also has a lovely selection of yarns.  It too was calling to me today.  So this jumped off the shelf and into my arms.

It’s Manos Maxima – an extra soft Kettle Dyed Merino from Uraguay.  The blues and greens are even more pretty in person and it feels wonderful.  Don’t know what I’ll make with it – have to do some pattern searching for this thickness of yarn and the amount I bought to see what I can come up with. There’s one pattern I’ve been contemplating that this yarn might be just the right thickness for… and what’s one more project in progress..

We also stopped at Barnes & Noble and, while there, I picked up the July/Aug issue of Quiltmaker.  If you look on page  9 you will see this little blurb

 That’s Scruffy!  I actually stitched that block. 🙂  He’s one of the cast of characters in my Let Sleeping Dogs Lie design which will be in the Sept/Oct issue of Quiltmaker so if you’ve got a dog lover in the family, you may want to check out the next issue.

Hmm…. think I may have to go wind that yarn and dig through some patterns.