Near crisis

The star stitch scarf was lying on a chair as I was vacuuming and the vacuum sucked up the yarn dangling down.  I a blink of an eye, the part that was knit and attached to the needles came flying off the chair sucked to the machine.  I hit the off button. WHEW! Crisis averted.  I had to cut my yarn to get it loose and cut out what had gotten tangled in the vacuum roller but what I had knit was undamaged.  So just need to reattach my yarns.  Note to self – vacuum is far too dangerous — only do it when necessary! 🙂

I survived yesterday at work and pretty much got things squared away so yeah… it’s vacation time for me.  Mom and Dad arrived today so I’ll be spending several days visiting with them.    Now if the weather would just cooperate, it will make things much easier since we’ve got a play to go see at an outdoor tent venue so no rain on Saturday please!